With a * Little Help * From Our Friends!

July 1, 2015

Hello Friends,
Are you excited by the resurgence of local living skills such as beekeeping, orchard pruning, and bicycle maintenance?  How about composting, cheese-making, or wood splitting?  Here in the North Country, many of these abilities have never gone away.  

We bring you these skills in collaboration with generous local people who have knowledge to share.  The Local Living Venture (LLV) shares our community’s rural skills, low-impact technology, and so much more that enlivens our bit of the northern woods and ripples out into the world.  Last year we held 53 workshops attended by over 800 people!

We only ask once a year -- and we need your vote of confidence to continue this trend toward a more capable,
resilient community of people h
ere in our North Country haven -- that includes you and your friends and neighbors!  Please share this message with friends as well, because:

Your annual financial support * of any amount * is crucial to us. 
Please send a check to:  Local Living Venture, P.O. Box 736, Canton, NY 13617.
OR  Click to Donate using your bank card as a "guest" on PayPal, or with your PayPal account.

The Local Living Venture is a small, dedicated group putting in many more volunteer hours than paid time. We are proud of how far we stretch every dollar that you share with us - for our financial details and last Annual Report, please click here.

The Local Living Venture is also happy to announce the return of the Local Living Festival, to be held on September 26th on the Village Green in downtown Canton.  The LLV is co-coordinating the 2015 Festival with our friends at United Helpers and the Village of Canton, adding even more exciting elements to this year’s event!  For updates on the Festival, please click here.

In the months and years ahead, we envision a
campus at a Homestead Learning Community farm, also home to the North Country Native Botanical Gardens.  At the Homestead, we will construct a Local Venture Center for sharing community learning initiatives, sustainable living skills and the “do-it-yourself” culture.  For more information on our aspirations, click here.

You can help the Local Living Venture achieve these goals by giving generously!  Anything you can donate helps, whether it’s $2 or $2,000. We are a 501(c)(3) educational organization, so your contribution may be tax-deductible.
Thank you,
Melinda, Chelle, Rajiv, Donna, Jackie, Krystal, Angie and Max
for the Local Living Venture team

Local Living Festival *
September 26
Serious Fun * Delightful Education

Full LLV Events Schedule (please note that workshops largely go on Summer hiatus, check back for a full F
all schedule!)
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 Many thanks from Local Living Venture stalwarts, past and present!

2012 Organizational Retreat at Catamount Lodge
L-R: Krystal White, Lynne Ross, Melinda Ely, Chelle Lindahl, Rajiv Narula, Chris Butchino, Jim Juczak, Jenna Brown.
Missing  from photo: Audry Duncan, Bob Shepherd, Sherry Long.


Spring/Summer, 2014    An open letter to our friends (new and old!), supporters, collaborators and colleagues.

Hello Friends,

We have never asked before, but we need to now.

Your small or large contribution is very much appreciated - sending even $5 in an envelope to us is your vote of supportWe hope you can share more but we want to know you're out there, even if times are tough all around. 

B I G   N E W S
We are very excited to announce that the time has finally come!  With many thanks to our mentor organization, Seedcorn, we are venturing out on our own and applying for our 501(c)(3) status. 

We have a new name, the Local Living Venture (formerly Sustainable Living Project), and clear goals ahead. 
We hope you have followed our progress as we shared many wonderful events and skills-based workshops with the community in our first four years. 

Please help us now to ensure we can continue to do our current wonderful workshop programming while we prepare for even better things!  If you’ve followed our work, you will agree we have accomplished amazing things in our short history, especially considering our miniscule budget and thrifty ways! 

We have a tiny, hardworking staff, with many more volunteer hours (2700 hours in 2013) than paid time (600+), who pull off tremendous amounts of work to provide training in resourceful living skills to North Country residents like yourself.

To donate now, please see the mailing address below or

click HERE for credit, debit card or bank account options. (You may choose to bypass PayPal @ lower left corner of page, or use your account with them.)

Please share whatever amount you can, whether it’s $1, $10 or $100 or more!  We promise you, there are not many organizations that can make so little go so far

Your donation helps to:
  • Continue building our year-round "resourceful living skills" workshops and events
  • Support the continuation of the Local Living Festival
  • Allow us to create a strategic plan for the Homestead Learning Community and North Country Native Botanical Garden site, for teaching, learning, and demonstration projects -- see more about our future plans HERE
  • Be part of a growing circle of sharing, caring, community members!
This is an invitation for you to support what we do now, with our many workshops and events, and to create many more wonderful projects and adventures in the near future.

We need your financial support.   $5.  $50.  $250.  $5000.  Please take the time to send it to us now, when we need it most -- to get through our slower Summer workshop/Winter holiday seasons and back to even more great workshops in the Fall and Spring.  We are at a singular financial impasse and need to bridge the gap!  We need your contribution at this time, and your vote of confidence in our work!

Your contribution to the Local Living Venture makes a huge difference.
What amounts do we need to raise?  What for?
Please click here for details.

TO DONATE using our mailing address:
Local Living Venture, PO Box 736 Canton NY 13617
  Use a bank card or account here
(choose to bypass PayPal, lower left corner of page, or use your account with them.)

Every gift helps.  Will you please join us?

Many thanks,
Melinda, Chelle & Rajiv
for the Local Living Venture team

The next Local Living Festival will be held on September 26, 2015.  Check out the 2010, 2011, and 2013 Festivals HERE. 
View our Annual Reports 2010 - 2013 here

Please see our
Donor Appreciation levels for major donors and sponsorship.
If you need a tax deduction please indicate so for some special information.  

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       T h e   L o c a l   L i v i n g  V e n t u r e
  L o c a l   L i v i n g  Festival ~  Sept. 26, 2015!

       Rural Skills Workshops ~ year-round
                  Homestead Learning Community

              North Country Native Botanical Gardens

                Chelle Lindahl & Melinda Ely * Co-Coordinators
                Rajiv Narula * Board of Directors
                Donna Dilworth * Project Organizer
                Jackie Bartholomew * Education & Outreach Facilitator
                Krystal White * Correspondence Gatekeeper

             PO Box 736  Canton, NY 13617
315 347 4223 * LocalLivingVenture.org@gmail.com * www.LocalLivingVenture.org

Sharing Knowledge from the Past  ~  Building Skills for the Future

    The Local Living Venture is applying to be a 501(c)3 non-profit
        educational organization in the St. Lawrence River Valley

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                     Made possible by support from the
             Northern New York Community Foundation

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