Weekly Harvest Swap! - Share Your Garden Bounty 

The first Harvest Swap on August 16 was not hugely attended, but we are working on that on two fronts - a personal/media campaign and we're hoping that as gardens start really rocking, that people will have more to share (we may have started a bit early.) 

If this event does not get off the ground, we will post cancellations here for September -- so please check back in on this page, or call 315-347-4223, to confirm before you attend!

Very Informal Harvest Swap Guidelines

- Bring produce. Or don't, and just hang out!

- Try to arrive at the beginning of the event so everything is available at one time and you aren't the only one left with something to swap!

- Fresh produce only please.  Feel free to bring other food and garden related items to swap if you wish, but no food past it's prime, please, unless by arrangement.  Obviously, we don't mean it has to picked fresh that day, since it's better off than most grocery store "fresh food" even if you've had it in the fridge a few days, but maybe skip the moldy, wilted stuff, right?

- We'll have a bit of signage to post with your produce so people know what they're getting (type of fertilizer used, organic or not, etc.).

- If you have other gardening-related information to share, please bring it!

- If you have gardening questions, bring them too! "Lets talk!"

- Snacks? We wouldn't turn away snacks!

- Rain or shine in Potsdam, at the Gazebo. If rain in Canton = moving to the covered sidewalk near the old Jubilee store.

-  No money should be involved in these transactions -- this is a Swap.

- EXCEPT (there's always an exception!) please feel free to make a small contribution to our donation can; it helps keep the Local Living Venture going!  No worries if you can't.

 Weekly Harvest Swap! -- DETAILS 

Thursday August 16 + 23 + 30 (and possibly 9/6 -- please check in to confirm!)

Canton Village Green, 4 - 5 pm
Ives Park Gazebo Potsdam, 5 - 6 pm

Many Gardeners (and CSA members!) have an overflow of fresh vegetables at this time of year, and often have a huge amount of one particular crop and not enough of another.
By participating in the informal "Harvest Swaps" in Potsdam and Canton, one can swap out their fresh vegetables they have too much of!

All are welcome to attend this event & is a great opportunity to ask questions & share knowledge with other garden enthusiasts. Depending on the popularity of the first two weeks we may continue the swap on August 30th and September 6th.

A pass-the-hat small donation is requested of participants who are able to contribute.
Let us know if you'd like to volunteer for these fun events in Potsdam and/or Canton.

SustLivingProject@gmail.com or 315-347-4223.