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PEAK Moment TV Schedule
December Schedule
On WCKN, Time Warner Digital Cable Station 30, at 7 pm

December 1-2

Beekeeping Takes Flight at Sea-Tac Airport (273)

“We’re hoping to breed our honeybees with native bee populations who’ve been here awhile, to develop our own stock of Airport bees.” Beekeeper John Woodworth, “Flight Path” project founder Bob Redmond and another beekeeper have placed 18 bee hives in a buffer zone around Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport as part of the airport’s habitat conservation efforts. Against a backdrop of arriving jets, John and Janaia suit up to view the hives close up, including an “Airport Queen” and the eggs she has laid. John discusses how to keep bees calm, honey production, and winter challenges. With honeybee populations plummeting worldwide, “we’re hoping with the stronger, more native bees, that we’re able to have better success with our colonies.” []


December 8-9

How Shall I Walk On This Wounded Earth? (275)

Pauline Le Bel is bringing a lifetime of performance as a singer-songwriter, poet and actor to the telling of new stories. “The old stories aren’t serving us anymore,” she says. “They tell us we’re separate from nature.” She wrote Becoming Intimate with the Earth to heal the relationship humans have with Mother Earth. Interweaving story, science, local heroes and more, she offers five paths. They encompass wonder and joy, emptiness and grief, imagination and transformation. Pauline sings for us “How Shall I Walk?” an original composition from her “Rescue Joy” CD. Infected by Pauline’s vibrant passion, Janaia adds her voice for an improvisational sound-fest at the close.


December 15-16

Unlearn, Rewild (part 1) – Inspiration for the Future Primitive (276)

“My journey has been as a squatter living close to the land, building cabins, living with friends, learning how to live really intimately with the land by hunting, foraging, scrounging … dancing between the two worlds of human society and wild nature.” The author of Unlearn, Rewild, Miles Olson looks at the challenge of unlearning industrial civilization’s distortions. He notes that if civilization collapsed tomorrow, we’d just start rebuilding it the next day—because it’s all we know. “For me, connecting to the land and having relationships that are healthy and honor other people, that honor life, is a necessary part of [my journey].”


December 22-23

Unlearn, Rewild (part 2) — Earth Skills for Body and Mind (277)

 “We learn through being broken, we learn through imperfection. That’s how evolution happens.” Miles Olson, the author of Unlearn, Rewild  also discusses being a compassionate hunter, and how facing death can bring us fully alive. “The question is, how do you give back? It’s a really weighty one when you kill [an animal for food]. I took something beautiful and I extinguished that light to feed my own.” As a squatter living close to the land for a decade, Miles Olson learned skills through experience—trapping and hunting animals, cultivating edible plants, and burying human wastes where they’ll feed the soil and nurture new life.


December 29-30

Beyond Cabbage — The Fermentistas Show Us How (278)

Let’s cultivate fermented food not only because it’s healthy, but for the wonderfully rich diversity of flavors! That’s what Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey encourage. These food entrepreneurs show us how easy it is to make sauerkraut: slice and salt cabbage, scrunch it to get brine, press into a jar, weight it down, let it sit for a few days. We taste-tasted several of these live raw foods whose recipes are in their colorfully photographed book, Fermented Vegetables.


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