Future Events Planning

RED items: not confirmed with presenter, just our idea so far

TBD items: either the date or the venue or both is not firm



Eddie Rocket Stove (summer?)



February 2015

Mind & Body Centered Anxiety & Stress Relief - Session 1: Using the Mind to Reduce Stress & Anxiety 2-1-2015

Learn How to Bake (and Convert Your Favorite Recipes!) to Whole Foods 2-4-2015 

Mind & Body Centered Anxiety & Stress Relief - Session 2: Body Awareness in Stress Management 2-8 

Learn How To Sew * Increase Your Sewing Skills 2-13

Mind & Body Centered Anxiety & Stress Relief - Session 3: "Developing a Philosophy of Stress Free Living" 2-15

Lots O' Knots 2-18-2015

Home Brewing Basics  2-21-2015

Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group 2-25

Light Up Your Home (or Business!) With Net Metering * Northern Lights Energy Shows You How 2-26-2015

Skiing with Bill Ramsey  TBD FEBRUARY


MARCH 2015

Fermenting and Kimchi 3-28 1:00 – 3:00  Flip and Bob may back out, we'll see

Beans & Grains 3/5 5-7 Helping Hands Chelle & Paula

Bread Making TBD ???

Women's Series with Paula (3-4 part series begins probably 3-12 or 3-19)


Pruning with Dave RICE not Hart THIS IS in mid to late MARCH  TBD

Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group


APRIL 2015
Seed Swap first wknd in April ?? TBD

Seedlings @ Birdsfoot late April or early May  TBD

Lot’s o Knots TBD (just before the boating course start for him? TBD

Veg/Vegan with Paula ?? TBD


Bow Hunting April 25 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group

MAY 2015

YURT? Any possibility here with the Lumleys? Just check in very gingerly, I think they feel really bad that the last one fell apart and we hung on to it for so long! :-/   TBD  Give them first crack at the free labor but if not, let's talk to Val Delaronde about her gal at Awkwesasne.


 Shiitake Fundamentals: 

  From Spawn Runs to Soup Recipes in May ?? Bob Wagner  TBD


Permaculture Romp at Cross Island Farms. TBD MAY OR JUNE EVEN? Ask Dani


Edible Wild Foods @ Potsdam FM opening TBD (5-9-15) ??

Gluten Free w/ Paula - hands-on?


Bicycle Maintenance  Potsdam Farmer Market 5-16 2-3:30 Gazebo is reserved if needed.



Sheep Shearing @ Vanessa Bittner’s TBD ?? This was supposed to be in the Fall but might be possible at another farm, not hers,  in the Spring she says - talk to her more about it.


No-Till planting with Martin’s May TBD ??  try to time this to be a couple if weeks after the Seedlingsa as a follow on.  Have never managed to do the Beginning Gardener series - this might be a good year to work on that - one session or more per month on what's up next in your gardening schedule.  Could be another one for Flip n Bob too, a specific thing that we could do a work party type learning event too.

Something with John Kordet?  TBD May or June, possibly at Pots FM? Or his greenhouses. Give him a chance to redeem himself. :-/  Also ask him about when is the latest his students could be lined up to build the woodsplitter we've been talking about on FB. Put that on the schedule if any possibilities there! I can do more to solicit donations from Jeffords Steel etc. if he's game to do it as a demo project for us to keep and use as an educ and instructional tool with the rocket mass heater...

Primitive Fire Building and Sweat Lodge 5-30 time? Len Mackey


 Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group



JUNE 2015

Composting TBD mid to late month with Janet Lomastro


 Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group

JULY 2015

Cross Island Farms (event name?) with Dani Baker
- need to use carpool website for this one!


 Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group