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Health & Wellness Workshop Proposal

The LLV seeks to engage with the SLU Wellness Committee to coordinate a series of workshops designed to provide the St. Lawrence University campus community with helpful, healthful information that can be applied to everyday lives, for a happier and more productive, holistically healthy overall human resource: you!

Seminar & Workshop Categories
Roles & Responsibilities
Fee Schedule

Seminar & Workshop Categories

Conversational Lecture Format
Power point based.  Kitchen or work bench setting not required.
Participatory Workshop
Work bench or kitchen setting best, but may not be entirely necessary.  Some movement or hands-on activities.
Hands-On Workshop
Kitchen or work bench setting required, attendees will participate in a fully hands-on setting.

We are open to creating new workshops and events based on your needs as well.  If there is a topic that is not addressed here, please let us know and we will do our best to source a suitable passionate Presenter on the subject!

Additionally, new topics and presenters are being added all the time!

Roles & Responsibilities

The role of the Presenter is to prepare and execute a well-rounded lecture (generally 1-1/2 to 2 hours) with discussion and possible hands-on components.  The Presenter will provide, via the LLV, a biography, suggested title, outline of the presentation, any relevant handouts and follow up email materials for attendees.  They may also bear some responsibility for cooking, shopping and/or materials gathering, as appropriate, in cooperation with the LLV who shall coordinate their efforts for the benefit of the SLU Wellness Committee.

The role of the St. Lawrence University Wellness Committee is to select the presentations desired for the enrichment of Staff and Faculty, secure the venue, advertise the event on campus using materials provided, and fiduciary arrangements.

The role of the Local Living Venture (LLV) is to secure the Presenter and to communicate their audio-visual and other needs on site with the respective department, communicate the PR information needed for SLU Wire and other media outlets St. Lawrence University utilizes in-house, manage all communications for the LLV workshop reservation system, help the Presenter and the Host/Partner with specific preparation needs, including coordinating any informational hand-outs, cooking, shopping, materials gathering, set up the day of, serve as troubleshooter and helpmate to the Presenter during the event, coordination of Attendee Evaluations, appropriation and disbursement of workshop fees, and follow up reporting.

Fee Schedule

All engagements, unless noted otherwise, are approximately two hours including question and answer period and cooking/dining or "make + take" experience, if applicable to the event.

$25 per person for the first 15 people, $10 extra for each additional
Minimum $375.00
Series of 5 for $325 each / Series of 10 for $300 each)
$400 flat rate regardless of attendance *
Series of any 5 Seminars for $350 each / Series of any 10 Seminars for $325 each

Participatory / Hands-On Workshop
(or seminar requiring more significant preparation **)
$30 per person for the first 15 people, $10 extra for each additional
Minimum $450.00
Series of 5 for $400 each / Series of 10 for $375 each)
$475 flat rate regardless of attendance *
Series of any 5 Seminars for $425 each / Series of any 10 Seminars for $400 each

* Within reason - some classes have a larger teacher-student ratio necessary than others. In that event attendance caps may need to be put in place.  Space limitations of the venue may have the same effect.

** Where noted, there may be additional material costs.  These are included in most workshops but (specifically for some cooking or other workshops) there may be a surcharge, generally in the range of $35 to $75 additional, for procurement of food or other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions
We welcome your questions and would appreciate if you would feel free to relay any concerns you may have.  We will answer to the best of our ability.

Do we have to decide on the topics for all workshops or Seminars in a series before we can begin?
No, you do not!  However, we are working to bring various people together all at one time and date - as much lead time as possible is helpful to ensure we are able to bring you your chosen experiences.  One month in advance is generally a minimum, though we can make things happen in a more timely way if needed.

Why is it more costly for these Workshops and Seminars than it is on the Local Living Venture workshop schedule for the general public?
Good question.  The Workshops we offer to the public are almost entirely on a volunteer basis.  The Presenter is generously donating their time to support our community-based organization and about half of the staff time applied to create, promote and execute the event is done by the volunteer management of the Local Living Venture.  The other half of the staff time is in event creation and administration, including our reservation system.  This is paid staff time and the net proceeds from our Workshops often do not cover this expense.  This is why we seek to share the wealth of the information we impart with your organization, but also to share the true expense equitably.

Why won't the Presenters do the workshops free for us, too?
It's very possible they would if you approach them.  Keep in mind, we are not pulling these numbers out of the air, however.  Our budgets are based on five years of creating and sharing workshops with the public.  You or your staff are going to dedicate at least as much time (probably more) to coordinating a worthwhile event out of thin air.  We are already on the job and can do it economically, with little or no trouble for you! 
Your organization is also providing the Local Living Venture with a large benefit, however, by contracting for these events with us.  You are allowing us to pay these Presenters on occasion, instead of always doing us a favor.  This is worth a lot to us as an organization and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Please let us know what else would be edifying to you at the
Wellness Committee at St. Lawrence University

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