Basics of Working in the Woods

You are invited to join the Local Living Venture, in partnership with members of the NY Forest Owner's Assn, for a journey into the great north woods - learning skills to last for a lifetime.

This was a great evening with the crew from NYFOA!  Check out the pictures at the bottom of this page!

   WOODS WORK! with NYFOA   
  Basics of Working In   
  the Woods
  Firewood & Sawlogs  
Co-coordinated with the
Local Living Venture
and New York Forest Owner's Assn.

Tuesday, June 24, 5:30 to dark   
1330 Old Market Rd., off of CR 48,
Knapps Station, near Norwood, NY

Interested in learning more about how to safely work in the woods?  Have a woodlot you'd like to maintain and improve?  Need to learn more about using our most renewable local resource - wood - for building projects and firewood?
For directions and details, see the  "FAQ"  section below please

What's Involved
  • This free-ranging workshop with members of the NY Forest Owner's Assn. will cover demonstrating wood splitting using various styles and how it has evolved throughout time, to include an ingenious modified hydraulic splitter
  • Various types of wood and those best suited for burning for heat will be discussed and shown.  
  • A portable saw mill will be demonstrated and the details shared about getting boards from your trees.
  • If time allows, there will be a walk through the woods for some standing tree ID fun and discussion of tick protection.
  • NYFOA will have some great books for sale for just $10 - Know Your Trees is put out by Cornell University.
  • Due to the safety issues with chainsaw training, there will not be any demonstrations or presentations about chainsaws specifically.  This is a whole topic unto itself! 


William LaPoint
conscientious land owner, dedicated to the health of his forest and wildlife, is currently Events Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer for the NAC (Northern Adirondack Chapter) of NYFOA (New York Forest Owners Association.)  Bill's concern for the forest has taken him to Albany and Washington DC to lobby for landowners.

Steve Sherwood is a Senior Forester for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation out of the Potsdam DEC Office, and a member of NYFOA.

Other NYFOA members who will share their equipment, knowledge and skills as well:
Tom Todd will show his firewood processor - a machine that cuts & splits the wood - you feed it in one end and it spits it out the other, ready to go!
Steve Baxter will show how to operate his portable sawmill.

What to wear / Bring
Folks should dress for the event - to include:
long pants & sleeves for mosquito and bramble protection
pants tucked into socks for tick protection
bug dope
drinking water
sturdy boots (no open toe shoes) 

Also recommended:
safety glasses
hearing protection,
A notebook may come in handy?

Admission & Registration

There is a suggested donation of $10 general public, $5 student, FREE for NYFOA members. Scholarships are available when you RSVP. 
Walk-ins are welcome but an RSVP is appreciated.  Sign up to receive the hand-outs via email as well!
Email us at  to RSVP your spot(s) -- please include your phone number(s) and number in your party -- and we will send you directions and answer any questions you may have.

Forestry Resources

You may wish to peruse the many sustainable forestry and "healthy hearth" resources we have assembled for your use, at  Please look under the  Healthy Trees & Forests  section. 
Look for that same header for even more information at THIS PAGE; but there it's best to scroll to the end of the page and work your way back up just a bit!  We hope you will want to bookmark and refer to these pages many times!

Sign up for this event at (we need your phone number and email address) in order to receive the email hand-outs on the relative BTU values and other characteristics of different types of wood that can be helpful to know.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  


1330 Old Market Road, Norwood, NY 13668 ~
a sign for 1330 is on a big elm tree on the right hand sign of the road coming from CR 48. 
Please look for our orange lawn sign(s) indicating that this is a "Workshop Site."

Coming from State Route 56
, turn onto Dry Bridge Road / Norwood-Knapp Station Rd / County Route 48 and travel 3.5 miles to a T.  At the T, turn Right onto County Route 47. Old Market Rd is the next right, on a sharp curve.  Travel a short distance
and look for # 1330 on the right hand side coming from CR 47, the address is posted on a large elm tree.

If traveling on US Route 11 (between Potsdam and Stockholm/Winthrop), turn onto County Route 47 heading north/west towards North Stockholm and Norfolk.  Go approximately 5 miles to Old Market Rd., just inside the speed zone and past the Knapp Station Community Church on the left side. Take a left onto Old Market Road and look for # 1330 on the right hand side coming from CR 47, the address is posted on a large elm tree.

Pull over on the right side of the road.  Note: a small parking lot will be reserved for those with accessibility needs.


  • Long pants, long sleeve shirt, appropriate footwear - work boots are best. 
  • Do NOT wear open toe shoes.
  • Recommended, but not required: leather work gloves, eye protection, ear protection.
  • Water bottle and bug protection.

Wednesday June 25, 5:30 – 8:30 pm (we will email and/or phone you Tuesday afternoon if a rain date is needed. 


  •  For this unique, hands-on learning experience, there is a suggested donation of $10, $5 student, Free for NYFOA members, to cover material expenses and to benefit Local Living Venture workshop creation. Scholarships are available when you RSVP.
    Walk-ins are welcome but RSVP is appreciated.

  • Donations can be made by cash or check to "Local Living Venture" and will be collected on site during registration.  
  • Please note that our generous Presenters are volunteers donating their time to support the Local Living Venture and NYFOA.  Your donation is the major means of support for our community organization.

Chelle's cell number is 315.261.1926 in case you are delayed or need directions that day.   Prior to that afternoon, you may call 315.347.4223Email sent in the 24-36 hours prior to the event may not be read in time, FYI, so please both call and write if it's getting close to the event.

If you have any other questions please just ask.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Coordinated by

    Local Living Venture

PHOTOS! June 24, 2014

Signing in at the LLV table, Bill begins the orientation...and knowing where the privy is located is important too!

Portable Sawmill Demo                   Bill Operates Saw Mill                    Steve Sherwood, Presenter

Bill LaPoint & Tom Todd on the major mega wood processor that spits out quarter rounds from full logs!

This is one toy that will not fit in Bill's "toy shed!"

Various home wood splitting methods and checking out the sawed-out basswood lumber with a moisture meter.

Bill's home grown splittin' and haulin' choo choo is admired - as well as the fully loaded hauling machine that pulls it!

And we move through traditional block and axe/maul splitting and into tree identification with Steve Sherwood

"Alternating" leaves (though some are "opposite") indicate ash, similar leaves but in an "opposite"  layout for apple.  Then a stroll through the woods to identify many species that had been marked for us to observe in Bill's very diverse northern wood lot, and referencing the "Know Your Trees" book that was available for purchase also.

Our wonderful host Bill LaPoint, and generous NYFOA presenters Steve Sherwood, Steve Baxter, and Tom Todd

Thank You, gentlemen!
The Local Living Venture enjoyed working with NYFOA members for this collaborative event!

Jackie Bartholomew                                                                               Chelle Lindahl
Education & Outreach Facilitator                                                             Co-Coordinator
Local Living Venture                                                                                                     Local Living Venture