Baking Bread

 Nutritious Delicious!   Cooking Seminar
  How to Bake   
   Delicious Homemade Bread:  
    On The Rise!

Saturday, January 24, 1 - 3 pm, near Canton, NY
Presented in partnership between Birdsfoot Organic Farm CSA and the Local Living Venture with generous sponsorship by the Potsdam Food Co-op.

A brand new addition to our series of seminars covering both basic and advanced culinary skills.  Held roughly every other month on a topic related to the season, these sessions are designed to assist those interested in eating "lower on the food chain", more in keeping with the freshness of the season -- and more economically as well!  Click here for more details and many resources related to the entire series of seminars. 

Home Made Bread * On the Rise is a workshop presented by Christoff Bemis of Birdsfoot Farm that will cover the basics of making a whole grain bread recipe or two - including fun extras you can employ like nuts and oats!

Making your own bread is easy, fun, and puts you in control of what ingredients you are feeding your family.  Check out most commercial bread labels - they contain sugar and many other "unnecessary" items!

"Additives are used in commercial breads for various reasons. Antioxidants prevent spoiling and extend shelf life; dough conditioners achieve a desired texture; sweeteners are used for flavor enhancement and to retain moisture. These additives usually have scary chemical names, and some may indeed be quite harmful to human health."

With a little help from your friends at the Co-op and a couple of good recipes under your belt, you can take back another piece of your dietary health, and have a whole lot of fun creating yummy bread, fresh from the oven...

Presenter Christoff Bemis is a local baker and member of Birdsfoot intentional community. He has taught a workshop in basic carpentry and loves to show off the house he and his wife Kate built, and their rocket mass heater, which can be used to bake bread.  He has 10 years of culinary experience and works at the Potsdam Food Co-op's Carriage House Bakery in Potsdam.

RSVP is necessary due to limited space availability.
There is a suggested donation of
$22 general public, $40 couple, $10 student to cover overhead expenses and to benefit Local Living Venture non-profit workshop creation - scholarship/reduced rate available upon request. 
Please Email to RSVP for your spot -- we will send you the exact location near Canton and other information you will need. 
Please include your phone number when reserving.

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