Wish List

These are some of the things we need or
could use to accomplish our goals

We can provide a tax deduction for businesses or individuals
to loan or to gift us with the use of these items.

We prefer reclaimed, recycled and otherwise cast-off goods,
so please keep your eyes open for us! 

To help please email us at
SustLivingProject@gmail.com or call 315-347-4223
Thank you!

Wish List    
1 on our list of items needed: 
  Sturdy metal shelving for our 10x10 storage unit - 6-10 units, depending on size  
  (will take as few or as many as are available!)


  • screens for projection (one for now, several for Festival)
  • re-usable exhibitor/guest badges and/or lanyards with clips for ID badges
  • copier-ready paper with at least 30% post-consumer content, any color(s)
  • photocopying of our Festival flyers and double-sided brochures
  • cubby slot paper storage filing systems (cardboard, wood or other material)
  • heavy posterboard of all types and sizes in useful condition (will use the back sides of other posters!)
  • clipboards
  • gently used file folders (can re-label them)
  • free or cheap lamination services for poster-boards  REALLY NEED THIS FOR THE FESTIVAL!


  • a decent, recent laptop
  • working PA system(s) and collar/headset microphone systems
  • working walkie-talkie sets, or similar
  • a good quality cellular phone capable of significant internet interaction
  • wi-fi portable modem
  • document scanner in reasonable condition
  • printer ink / copier toner (contact us for types needed)
  • PowerPoint projector

  • professional 2 - 4 pot coffee burner set-up
  • use of an institutional catering service for the Festival -- as many as 400 place settings (flatware, standard-sized plastic drinking glass, wide soup bowl for multipurpose use, cloth napkin) to include washing and return for use on Sunday
  • plastic bread flats/similar for coffee mug transport and drying
  • several medium to large rubber spatulas (as many as a dozen or more) 
  • lots of silverware of all kinds + some serving ware - preferably large, wide soup bowls (multi-purpose as a plate or a bowl)
  • hundreds of clean, usable cloth napkins of all types or reasonable re-usable facsimile
  • standard coffee mugs (many!)
  • 3-6 each Coleman or Igloo type 3-5 gallon cold beverage dispensers (spout on bottom)
  • dish-washing pans (8-12)
  • 1 - 4 each portable 2 - 3 gallon "hands-free" spigot dispensers for health dept. approved hand-wash stations (often with liquid soap strapped to it)

  • small lockers or many, many milk-crate type objects to create cubby storage spaces at the Festival (we will return them in good shape if you can loan them!)
  • scrap lumber - needed periodically
  • display case(s) capable of safely transporting and storing (mouseproof) 20" x 30" display boards
  • stack-able storage baskets/totes with handles for transporting outreach booth materials
  • shelving unit(s) to store all of this on
  • storage outbuilding(s) for all of this -- or space in a secure, accessible, mouse-proof space -- 8x10 min.

SPECIFIC ITEMS for the Local Living Festival April 27 & 28 2013


  • baby food or smaller size containers that are not glass/breakable
  • papier-mache creation items:  newspaper, glue, paints

  • a dozen large-ish compost collection containers, preferably "matched" to be easily identifiable
  • 9 large blue (or all one color besides blue) recycling barrels
  • recycling special fitted tops for recycling barrels (with holes indicating  cans/bottles go here, etc.)
  • 16 small garbage cans, color must be a matched set, for recycled paper
  • fitted lids with flap (standard bathroom or kitchen style)
  • 5 gallon (more or less) pails with lids preferably (6-15 total needed)
  • 16 medium garbage cans, all one color
  • lids for all 16 cans above -especially if they're fitted for recyclable items (slot for paper, hole for cans)

  • many 3' wooden stakes
  • mallets for driving stakes
  • tree marking tape or other material to string between stakes as a barrier
  • snow fencing - preferably the wood-slat kind instead of the plastic, but the plastic will work too. (several hundred feet or more needed, but small sections are useful)
  • wooden police barrier sawhorses or similar
  • orange traffic vests (6 total needed)
  • traffic cones and barriers
  • festival tent(s) and accessories, all sizes
  • contractor size (clear only) plastic bags 
  • as many as 3 drum-style composting bins
  • indoor and outdoor signboards of all types and sizes
  • lightweight folding tables in decent shape, all sizes
  • folding chairs (350 - 400 needed)
  • dollies for moving quantities of chairs at events (3 needed total)
  • carts and dollies for exhibitor loading
  • wheelchair and accessibility ramps and helpful supplies/accessories


No materials needed at this time