Cordwood Masonry Construction

Cordwood building : the state of the art
Roy, Rob

Cordwood masonry is an ancient building technique whereby walls are constructed from 'log ends' laid transversely in the wall. It is easy, economical, aesthetically striking, energy-efficient, and environmentally-sound. Cordwood Building collects the wisdom of over 25 of the world's best practitioners, detailing the long history of the method, and demonstrating how to build a cordwood home using the latest and most up-to-date techniques, with a special focus on building code issues.

Rob Roy has been building, researching and teaching about cordwood masonry for 25 years and, with his wife Jaki, started Earthwood Building School in 1981. He has written ten books on alternative building, presented four videos -- including two about cordwood masonry -- and has taught cordwood masonry all over the world. Rob and Jaki Roy live in West Chazy, New York

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Building green : a complete how-to guide to alternative building methods : earth, plaster, straw bale, cordwood, cob, living roofs
Snell, Clarke.

It's not easy being green, but its advantages in home construction are extolled at length in this substantial book. Green building relies on alternative methods and materials (e.g., earth plaster, strawbale, cordwood, cob), with an eye toward ecofriendliness and sustainability. Snell (The Good House Book: A Common-Sense Guide to Alternative Homebuilding) and Callahan, an experienced builder and craftsman, use a sample project of a small cottage to illustrate these methods and materials. Though the book is meant to be a manual on alternative building techniques, its bulk is devoted to green philosophy, with occasional asides on more practical construction considerations and mistakes to avoid.

Cordwood masonry houses : a practical guide for the owner-builder

Roy, Robert L.

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