There are many more books on composting!  But here are a few....

The little book of compost : recipes for a healthy garden and happy planet

Shepard, Allan.

Whether you are crazy about compost or just eager to discover the uses of organic plant food, this handy guide will show you exactly how easy compost is to make. The basics of soil science are explained, including details on how to find and maintain composting creatures. Simple schemes for the space-conscious—such as compost-in-a-bag options and indoor wormeries—as well as advanced options for enthusiasts and those with large gardens are all included. Handy tips for overcoming common problems and plans for a feed-and-forget composting system are all included.

Mike McGrath's book of compost
McGrath, Mike,

During his seven years as Editor-in-Chief ofOrganic Gardeningmagazine, Mike McGrath learned quite a bit about the nature and science of composting. And he’s never stopped studying, because he wants to give the best, most up-to-date information to the listeners of his nationally-syndicated Public Radio show, “You Bet Your Garden.” He offers the fruits of his labors in this illustrated guide that reveals why compost is the answer to virtually every garden question. McGrath explains why compost improves soil structure; why it provides theperfectamount of food for every plant; how it fights plant diseases more safely and effectively than any chemical fungicide; and how to make your own.

Basic composting : all the skills and tools you need to get started
Ebeling, Eric.

Each technique illustrated with color photos- Details on what and what not to compost- Suggested uses for finished compost

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