North Country Library Resources

This page contains selected lists of materials that are available through the North Country Library System on topics currently being covered by the year-round Skills-Building Workshops of the
Sustainable Living Project & Local Living Festival

If you are unable to go to a workshop, you went to one and would like to read further on the topic or you want to become more knowledgeable before you go to a workshop, this is a great page to come to!
This page will be updated throughout the year to correspond with workshops, please come back often.

Our lists are of materials that we have picked out, please keep in mind that there are many more materials within the library system on each of these topics.

Click on any of the following links to see our lists of available materials on the current workshop topics:  

[The complete list of topics that we have so far is at the bottom of this page, under "Subpages".  Click on any of those links for materials on those topics.]

To find more materials and/or reserve them:
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