Please copy and paste the form below into an email,
fill it out and send it to us. 
Sending us the form "as-is", with your check marks, rather than in a narrative format, is helpful!

Thanks so much from all of us to all of you!

We couldn't do it without you!

Volunteer Sign Up

Do not schedule me more than ____ hours in total on any given day.
Generally, we ask for a minimum 2 hour volunteer commitment.  It can be split into 1 hour blocks if needed, please just note your preferences below.
  I am available to work before / at the Energy Extravaganza (feel free to check more than one shift!):  

___Thursday, November 29, set-up, 5-7 pm
___Friday, November 30, set-up, 2-4 pm
___Friday, November 30, set-up, 3-5 pm
___Friday, November 30, set-up, 4-6 pm
___Friday, November 30, set-up, 5-7 pm
___Saturday, December 1, set-up, 7-9 am
___Saturday, December 1, set-up, 8-10 am
___Saturday, December 1, 9-11 am
___Saturday, December 1, 11 am - 1 pm
___Saturday, December 1, 1-3 pm
___Saturday, December 1, 3-5 pm
___Saturday, December 1, clean-up, 4-6 pm
Preferences / special considerations: _______________________________________

Jobs I would do (please check all that apply)

___staff the Local Living Venture Welcome Tent/greet people
___staff cashier station and collect entry donations
___solicit evaluations of the Fair
___work in the Hospitality Area (where volunteers & exhibitors get food & drink)
___be a general "gopher" (very important!)
___assist exhibitors (watch their booth while they take a short break, etc.)
___assist presenters (general orientation, distribute evaluation forms)
___A/V troubleshooter (on call hourly)
___staff parking lot (direct vehicles only)
___promote Zero Waste opportunities
___assist with set-up and clean-up (allows you maximum free time during Fair)
___willing to be available for anything/miscellaneous  

   I am also available to work on a project ___ before and/or ___after the Festival. 

    Please contact my friend(s) who would also be a likely volunteer. 
                Name:                                                    Contact Info:

Please copy and paste the above into your email, fill it out and send it to us.
Sending us the form "as-is", with your check marks, rather than in a narrative format, is helpful!

Many thanks.   SmallScaleEnergy@@gmail.com
Krystal, Chelle and the Energy Working Group   


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