Sunday Activities LLF 2010

SUNDAY 9/26/10 Workshop Descriptions & Presenter Bio's + Home Tours



“Locating & Pumping Water for a Beginning Homesteader (With & Without Electricity)”

SATURDAY:  The Panel will cover how to locate water, the methods of digging and drilling and then how to get good, drinkable water out of the ground.  There will be sample pumps - hand and electric to explain how they work.

Jim Juczak, Luke Martin, Rich Douglass & John Charamella (a brief bio for each will be listed alphabetically, by last name.)


1) Jim will demonstrate how to build one of his deep well hand'll take an hour or maybe a bit more. Sign up for this in advance by email or at the Festival.

2) See Rich Douglass' water-pumping windmill at work on the homestead tours.  Sign up at the Festival.  Click here to view a description of the Sunday Home Tours.



Flush Busters: Simple & Cheap Humanure Composting
         How to Save Money, Resources, and Frozen Pipes While Enriching Your Soil

SATURDAY:  Three brief presentations on "what we do and how we do it" with no water and insignificant odor - indoors or out, both using and adding to local resources, and nearly for free.  Sixty years combined experience living with solid-waste composting systems, at your "disposal".  Because when you flush it away; there IS no "away".

Richard Grover, Chelle Lindahl, Mike Corse (a brief bio for each presenter is listed alphabetically, by last name.)

SUNDAY:  See a simple system in the works at the Rice homestead tour.  Sign up at the Festival.  Click here to view a description of the Sunday Home Tours.



"A Low-Tech Lifestyle: High Living, Low on the Hog”

SATURDAY:  Rich will discuss how his family lives and operates their 160-acre farm without electricity and traditional running water. Topics covered will include non-electric water, refrigerator, lighting, heat, plumbing, cooking, and food-preservation. Also covered will be horse-powered farming and transportation. Rich will discuss how the current materialistic consumer paradigm is a trap, and how sustainability, economic security and happiness is founding in a simple self-reliant life style.

Rich and Aimee Douglass have been living a low-tech life style on their 160-acre, horse-powered farm in Russell for the last 30 years.

SUNDAY:  See their simple systems at work at the homestead tours.  Sign up at the Festival.  Click here to view a description of the Sunday Home Tours.



"Pollutant Carcinogen Exposure Reduction Education"

SATURDAY:    This Cancer Action NY workshop is on the subject of creating community-based cancer prevention education campaigns focusing upon pollutant carcinogen exposure reduction.  Pollutants covered in the workshop include:  dioxins, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and benzene.  Dioxins and PBDEs are part of a larger group of pollutants described as persistent organic pollutants (POPs).  These pollutants bio-accumulate in animal fat; exposure occurs via consumption of animal fat foods, including, meats, fish, eggs and dairy products.  PAHs and benzene are products of incomplete combustion present in gasoline and diesel exhaust. 

SUNDAY:   Cancer risk information is presented for dioxin exposure.  According to the 2003 draft US EPA dioxin reassessment, dioxin exposure cancer risk for average consumption of animal fat foods is approximately 1 in 1000. Workshop participants will receive instruction in minimization of pollutant releases and exposure avoidance strategies.  The final portion of the workshop trains participants to work together as cancer prevention educators using their own particular skills as artists, dancers, musicians, public speakers, or writers.

Donald L. Hassig, Director of Cancer Action NY and the Cool Cancer Action Network is a Son of the Earth, Son of Good Spirits environmental activist. "I am building a Loving the Earth Pollution Free Movement. Environmental revolution will bring people into good relation with the Earth Mother.  Working together we can take away the power of the bad corporate kings that rule the United States and Canada."



“Scrounging a Home and Life's Necessities”  (see the other featured presentation and workshops Jim is giving as well!)

SATURDAY:   Jim has been titled the "King of Scrounge".  His program will cover where and how to get life's necessities and fun stuff for free or nearly free.  Topics for this presentation will include: cheap cars, building a home without a mortgage -- including land -- building materials and furnishings, food, entertainment, electronics, firewood. Bartering, trading, dumpster diving, and garbage-picking are amongst the techniques he will describe. 

James S. Juczak (52) of Adams Center, NY is a former shop teacher of 25 years among many other things.  Jim and his wife, Krista and their family live at Woodhenge, a 55 acre intentional community with several other families they have invited to live there.  Writing (both articles and books), lecturing on a wide variety of self reliance topics, and inventing are amongst the things he has been doing more and more often over the past decade.  He also consults on off-grid energy system design.  His first book "The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging" has been in print for two years and his second book on "Water Supply Systems for the Homesteader" should be available late this Fall.  He has recently taken a position with the Cornell Cooperative Extension as a Regional Energy Program Coordinator over a 10 county area in the North Country.

  It is possible a tour of the Woodhenge Community (5 miles from Watertown, NY) -- started by Jim and his family -- is in the offing so check back in for confirmation and details!  See also Water Pumping panel above.


McDERMOTT, Whitney

“Introductory Beekeeping”

SATURDAY:   For six years, Whitney has kept bees as a hobby, with an orientation towards non-chemical treatment  Whitney will poll the group to find out what you would like to learn about. 

Whit will continue according to the desires of the group, with more in depth instruction. He will bring empty equipment to show you, but no bees!