Speakers & Workshops 2013

 L o c a l   L i v i n g  F e s t i v a l 

~ arranged in alphabetical order by speaker ~

Eric Barr
Some Dos and Don'ts of Beginning Farming — Starting with Pigs

This workshop will cover our personal experiences with success and failure in the first years of farming. Topics will include fencing, animal husbandry, and finances, to name a few.

Jerry Bartlett
The Unsustainable Diet — Going Against the Grain

In this presentation, Crazy Jerry will serve up one of the most important aspects of your life, “The Unsustainable Diet.” Fast moving and provocative, get ready to connect some dots that will likely have you rethinking everything about eating well. This is a delectable feast nobody can afford to miss.


Ann Bennett
Season Extension for the Home Gardener

Using basic materials available around the house, start the season early and make it last into the fall without spending a lot of money.


Brent Buchanan
Multi Species Grazing to Maximize Yields and Improve Efficiency of Production

Discussion of the attributes of various grazing livestock and how their habits can complement and improve the efficiency of production in a grass-based system. Handouts provided.

Raising 150 Meat Birds in An Outdoor System

Discuss and view a day-range hoop house system for 150 meat birds, from day old to processing. All requirements will be covered. An on-site example of the complete system will be available.


Dr Matthew Bullwinkel
Solar Heating

Solar energy can be used to produce 60-80% of the domestic hot water in a building as well as for space heating and cooling. Various solar heating techniques will be discussed as well as how a solar heating system could work in your home or business.


Cathe Bullwinkle
Overcoming Barriers to Affordable and Efficient Healthy Housing

Learn how to meet the weatherization and healthy housing needs of our area through nationally renowned methods developed by Cathe Bullwinkle, “the Lead Diva!” of Oneida County Public Health.


Anna Busser
How Do You Start a Local Economy?

Learn about how the Adirondack Cooperative Economy is creating a trade network using its own paper currency (Adirondack Bucks) as a convenience in this exchange (the original intention of money). The currency is backed by members goods, services and skills and by the trust they place in each other – a rare commodity these days. This system is legal and taxable in the same way as US dollars. An online trading system is also being developed.


Emlyn Crocker
Making Fabulous Farmer Cheese

Observe the step-by-step process of starting a new batch of a simple cheese.

Cheryl Crowe
Raising Rabbits for Meat and Fiber

Learn about various meat rabbit breeds and their needs, plus selling stock and meat. Then explore angora breeds and the selling of fiber.


Rich Douglass
Living the Low-Tech Lifestyle

Rich will talk about what it is like to live a low-tech, off-the-grid lifestyle, including growing food, non-petroleum transportation, storing food, raising meat, and being sustainable.


Melinda Ely and Chelle Lindahl
Local Living Ventures Forth

A brief sharing of the future plans of the Local Living Venture (organizers of the Local Living Festival.) Plans include partaking in a regional collaboration to create a regional economy, starting with food most significantly, but also renewable energy, forestry, green building, and homesteading. Plans for a “Homesteading College” and “Local Venture Center” to help break the “chicken and egg” cycle of too few diversified farms to provide for a regional food economy — especially considering that we could be the “bread basket” to the northwestern Adirondacks, as well as the St. Lawrence Valley region!


Severine vonTscharner Fleming (Featured Speaker!)
The “Greenhorns” Tilling “Our Land” 

Join Severine, farmer, activist, and director of The Greenhorns, a documentary film and grassroots organization, as she works to recruit, promote and support the growing tribe of new agrarians. ‘‘Farming is an attractive path for people who are getting out of school and feeling like there’s kind of a toxic consumerism and not feeling too excited about working for the Man, especially seeing as he’s been spoiling our politics and a lot of our ecology.’’

Featured Speaker Biography Available Here.

Louise Gava
Local Living in a Dorm

Only a few years out of college and living in a house the same size as most dorm rooms, Louise will share ideas about sustainable living while at college. There will be time for you to share your experiences and ideas too!


Ed Goldstein
Conflict: A Local, Abundant, Natural and Renewable Resource for Sustainability in Relationships

Conflict is often seen as something to avoid. Rarely is it appreciated as an opportunity to improve relationships and build community. During this interactive session we will explore the wealth of possibilities that emerge when conflict is treated as a valuable resource.


Elizabeth Henderson (Featured Speaker!)
Introductory Address for Community Supported Agriculture Panel Discussion
Elizabeth has been farming at Peacework Farm in Wayne County, New York, producing organically grown vegetables for the fresh market for over 30 years. She is a founding member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) in Massachusetts, has been on the Board of Directors of NOFA-NY since 1989, and represents NOFA in the national discussions of organic standards and on the Management Committee of the Agricultural Justice Project.

Featured Speaker Biography Available Here.


Paul Hetzler
Invasive Species in Agriculture

Learn to identify invasive species and to eradicate them before they take over.


Betsy Hodge
Using Guardian Animals to Protect Livestock

An introduction to using different animals, such as llamas, donkeys, cows, horses and dogs, to protect sheep, goats and poultry — the disadvantages/advantages of each and the care required.


Cathy Hohymeyer
Cooking with Culture — Fermented Foods

Explore the delicious tastes and aromas that come from this age-old tradition for storing your vegetables, including authentic sauerkraut!


Susan Hopkins & Tom Huber
Holy Shiitake! The Art of Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation

Learn about raising gourmet-quality Shiitake mushrooms. We will inoculate hardwood logs with commercial plug spawn in a hands-on setting! Logs will be available for sale (suggested donation of $10 each) to benefit the Local Living Festival — a very generous contribution from our friends at Paul Smith’s!


Jim Juczak
It Is Easy Being Green — Building Your Creative Living Space

Being green when building a home is a matter of pre-planning and thinking clearly about the consequences of material choices. Green does not mean expensive. We will go through a series of logical, simple decisions to be made if you want an ecologically sound home design. Mortgage Free will also be discussed.

Scrounging — An Art Form

Learning how to find the needed and fun things in life for free can be a fun and creative.


Sherry Kawecki
Home Dairying — Get the Best of Raw Milk — The Real Deal

Learn about the pros and cons of raw milk, how to access it, and the pleasure and benefits of keeping your own cow.


John Kordet
Growing and Using Herbs

This workshop includes the use of hanging baskets and windowsill space, as well as “Watering 101” which is extremely crucial for growing herbs. We’ll cover the proper way to harvest herbs and how to seed and propagate your own. Plus some cooking, medicinal and scented herbs if time allows.


Sunny Natalia
Renewables — Grid-Tied

Solart will share how investing in grid-tied solar is both cost effective and financially intelligent for average homeowners, farmers, and small businesses — as well as how the philosophy of Solart can assist in meeting your goals.


Mike Newtown
Who Knew What the Wind Could Do — Turbines to Power Your Life

In this presentation we will talk about wind turbines and the possibilities for using this free blowing resource.


Primer for Geothermal Heat Pumps

This workshop will introduce geothermal heating and its possibilities for individuals, as well as the use of photvoltaic systems.


Joseph Orefice
Silvopasture — Grazing Cows Amongst the Trees

Explore the ideas and principles of grazing cattle in forest woodlots as Joseph shares his experiences with Scottish Highland cattle. Concludes with a 15-minute walk.


Greg Pahl (Featured Speaker!)
Community Energy

Greg explains how American communities can plan, finance, and produce their own local, renewable energy that is reliable, safe, and clean. Renewable, community power is a necessary step on the path to energy security and community resilience, particularly as we face peak oil, cope with climate change, and address the need to transition to a more sustainable future.

Featured Speaker Biography Available Here.


Rebecca Pickens
Making Herbal Tea for Enjoyment and Health

Join Rebecca as she discusses the joy and value of crafting herbal tea blends at home. Identify plants, their flavors, and specific impacts on health. We will learn to design blends and discuss optimal preparation techniques


William Roome & Roland Moore
Basics of Beekeeping & Bee Discussion Group

An introduction to the basics of bees and a discussion group session, similar to those held once a month throughout the year in Canton.


Dawn Rosenbarker
Creating Salves — DIY Skin Care

Want to be sure your skin care products are safe? Learn how to make your own salves, balms, massage oils, lotions, and creams.


Robert Roy
Earth-Sheltered Homes — Living Roofs

Do-it-yourself underground housing is discussed and illustrated, with the accent on low-cost techniques such as plank-and-beam roofing and surface-bonded concrete block wall construction.  The detailed construction of light- and medium-weight living roofs is covered, including seven good reasons why all our roofs should be living.


Mortgage Free! Innovative Strategies for Home Ownership

Mortgage derives from the old French, meaning, literally, death pledge. Find out what a mortgage really costs and learn strategies that will enable you to bypass the death pledge altogether. Assembling the grubstake, procuring inexpensive land, the temporary shelter, and designing the low-cost home are just some of the strategies Roy covers.


Scott Shipley
Discover the New Solar

Solar electricity is no longer a technology with promise. It works, it’s cost effective, and it will save the planet. Come meet the new solar and see what it can do for you.


Dr Peter Smallidge
Forestry Practices for Sugarbush Management

Cornell’s sugarbush thinning project has documented increased growth and favorable sap sugar response following cutting. This presentation covers the basic principles of why and how to thin your sugarbush. A review of the sugarbush thinning research describes the project and research results.


Small-Scale Woodlot Logging and Management

Woodlot owners and maple producers often want to thin their trees, collect logs or firewood, and create desired woodland conditions. This presentation covers small-scale strategies for working in your woodlot. Participants will gain confidence and knowledge to initiate tasks, learn about small-scale logging, and increase their safety and efficiency.


Michael Tracy-Ireland
Why We Need a Steady State Economy and How to Achieve It

This presentation focuses on creating a steady local economy, barter-and-buy local initiatives, economic development, and local complementary currency.

Celebrating the nexus of Arbor Day, Earth Week and Int'l Composting Week!

*  Bring a text-ready cell phone to join the fun of the Crop Mobs!  *