Speakers & Workshops LLF 2010

Local Living Festival Presentations

We hope you were able to
join us for the 2010 Local Living Festival  

                  at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm on Rt. 68, Canton, NY    

Sat., Sept. 25 - full schedule of events, workshops, vendors    
 Sun., Sept. 26 -  hands-on workshops and Home Tours    


Three fantastic speakers!

Alex Lee
Director, Project LaundryList
Laundry: An  Inconvenient Chore?
and promoter of the Right to Dry Clothesline Initiative will
share his
humorous fact-filled call to action --  and rode his bike
here from New Hampshire! 
Shannon Hayes
Radical Homemakers:
Reclaiming Domesticity from Consumer Culture

will discuss her recent book as well as vend fibers and foodstuffs from her family farm in Scoharie County

Our very own
Jim Juczak
will give a featured presentation
Simply Green:
Demystifying Sustainable Practices for Ordinary People


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Workshops, Speakers and Presentations

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Workshops are grouped according to their 

Theme Cloud


       Perhaps you can suggest,
    or give, a workshop to
  round out a Cloud meme!

  Current Clouds and their Contents:

Cooking / Food Preservation 
            Simple Solar Cooking! -- Caron Collins

     Basic Food Preservation:
                                Save Your Harvest!
-- Katherine Lang

   Homegrown Tempeh:   A Unique Treat
             From Seed to Belly
--Bob Washo & Flip Filippi

     Speedy Bread-Making -- Jim Juczak

 Get Cultured:  Cultured Food & Drinks -- Cathy Hohmeyer
  PANEL -- Cheese Making -- Don & Shirley Hitchman, Diana & Bali Mac Kentley, Larisa Martin

Wood Gasification: The Efficient Way to Burn -- Bill Olsen
   Bio-diesel mini-bus, home-conversion Allis-Chalmers G electric tractor with solar-panel shade roof (!)  and other alternative vehicles on display + bicycling, horse & buggy.

    Gardening / Farming  
      Introductory Beekeeping -- Whit McDermott
Saving Seeds -- Mary Ann Cateforis

  The Home Apple Orchard
--Bill MacKentley
Open Forum for Questions on Growing Organic
Vegetables and Herbs
-- Dulli Tengeler

Small Fruits in Northern New York
--Bill MacKentley

Forestry / Woodlot / Healthy Hearth
 Dancing With a Crosscut Saw: The Art and Pleasure of Sawing Logs to the Rhythm of Your Body -- Eddie Goldstein

I Think I Can, I Know I Can, Split That Piece of Wood!   or    Wood-Splitting 101 - No Perquisites Required -- Joseph Brant

    Green Building
The Art of Stone Masonry I & II -- Tom Huber

A Case Study of How to Design a Zero-Carbon, Net-Zero-Energy Home: A Vision for a Sustainable Future -- Mel Tyree

Making a Concrete Counter-Top with Simple Tools -- Bryan Lee

Building Small, Soulful Handmade Homes with Local Natural Materials -- Chris McClellan

    Earth-Friendly / Appropriate Technology
Creative Off-Grid Retrofits -- Crazy Jerry Bartlett
Affordable Solar Strategies for Northern Climates -- Dean Anthony
Sustainable Chemistry -- WALKER, Martin 
Flush Busters: Simple & Cheap Humanure Composting - How to Save Money, Resources, and Frozen Pipes While Enriching Your Soil 
                      -- Richard Grover, Chelle Lindahl, Mike Corse
ANEL:  Finding & Collecting/Pumping Water 
-- For a Beginning Homesteader, With & Without Electricity -- Jim Juczak, Luke Martin, Rich Douglass & John Chiaramella
Are Wood-based Fuels the Way to Combat Global Warming?  -- Philip K. Hopke

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    Children & Young at Heart   
             Children's Activity Tent will be humming all day!  A different activity every hour, on the hour -- loads of fun!
LUNCH-TIME   Hula Hoops, Sack Race don't miss the Butter Dance!!

Living Simply
 A Low-Tech Lifestyle:  High Living, Low on the Hog -- Rich & Aimee Douglass
 Harvesting Rainwater in the North Country - John Bosworth
 One Broke and Lazy Person's Guide to Food Self-Sufficiency
-- Diane Colbert, goddess of broke & lazy
  Simply Green:  Demystifying Sustainable Practices for Ordinary People -- Jim Juczak
Community Permaculture --Chris McClellan
Scrounging a Home and Life's Necessities -- Jim Juczak

    Animals / Milk, Meat and Fiber

         Got Goat?  - Winny & Rob Sachno
    The Family Cow -- Bali MacKentley
        Backyard Sheep -- Betsy Hodge

   Raw Milk -- Martha Pickard Palmer M.S., CNS
      Fur-bearer Trapping -- Rex Tuthill
PANEL -- Basics of Backyard Poultry
-- Ann & Brian Bennett, Brad Clements

Dirty Work
    Grass Energy Pellets will be made on site and a demonstration of solar hot water heating and portable solar power generation!

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     Lost Arts / Forgotten Skills
Shannon Hayes on "Radical Homemakers:
Reclaiming Domesticity from Consumer Culture"

The Gleaners and Us: Living Well on the Garbage of Society -- Carol & Brian Machida
Plus demonstrators of various crafts and skills...

    Health & Wellness
Sustainable Earth Begins at Birth -- Sharon Bernecki DeJoy
Herbal Medicine in the Home -- Rebecca Pickens

Pollutant Carcinogen Exposure Reduction Education -- Don Hassig

Whole Foods for the Whole Body - Paula Youmell
Folkloric Herbal Tincture Making -- Dawn Rosenbarker

    Small & Local Business  
  Developing Your Home Based Business -- Sandy Maine

Town - Home & Apartment Dwellers (but not just -applies to all!)
         Alex Lee and the
Right to Dry Clothesline Initiative
Totally Do-able:  How We Cut our Energy Use by over 60% and Why -- Doug and Ginger Storey Welch

See Below for
at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm on Rt. 68, Canton, NY  

    College & Dorm Dwellers   
Nothing yet -- any ideas!?

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   Potsdam Farmer's Market Satellite
                 --order winter storage crops!
Jump-In Speakers Corner
    Old-Timers Tent 
                                                Sharing Board
                                                        Lo-Tech Brainstorm
                                                        Enterpreneur Opps
                                                        Local Biz Connections
                                                        Future Festivals Brainstorm
  Crafts & Demo's too!

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Please note:
Our Festival is just one day a year... 
Our  programs feature interesting workshops
Check in on this website for future events!


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9:00“--Cut our Energy Use by over 60% ” WELCH/STOREY
Doug and Ginger
“Sustainable Chemistry”      WALKER, MartinBread Making       JUCZAK, Jim“Building handmade homes local natural materials” Chris McClellanSmall Fruits in Northern New York MacKENTLEY, Bill" Concrete Counter-Top with Simple Tools"  PART 1      LEE, Bryan"Furbearer Trapping"     TUTHILL, Rex

10:00wood-fuels       HOPKE, Philip      PANEL
       JUCZAK,Douglass, Martin, Chiaramella
Tempeh        FILIPPI Flip   WASHO BobAffordable Solar Strategies  ANTHONY, Dean“Sustainable Earth Begins at Birth” BERNECKI DeJOY, Sharon“Introductory Beekeeping”        Mc DERMOTT, WhitWoodsplitting         BRANT, Joe


Radical Home Makers          HAYES, Shannon         
"The Art of Stone Masonry"
       HUBER, Tom
Tincture Making ROSENBARKER, Dawn      
Raw Milk    PICKARD, Martha
Intro Small Wind Turbine Technology VISSER, Ken  "Got Goat? " SACHNO, WinnieDancing w/a  crosscut saw: -  - Sawing Logs        GOLDSTEIN, Ed

LUNCH TIME     Community Celebration!
                            Butter Dance with Len Mackey/Song of the Spheres, sack races, hula hoops, more!
                            Vendors selling locally sourced and produced food.

       "Laundry"             LEE, Alex    
"Whole Foods for the Whole Body"  YOUMELL, Paula“Wood Gasification Altern. Fuels”  OLSEN, BillThe Family Cow     MACKENTLEY, BaliSaving Seeds       CATEFORIS, Mary Ann"Community Permaculture" McCLELLAN, Chris
2:00TYREE, Mel       "Zero carbon - home"Harvesting Rainwater BOSWORTH, John"Get Cultured:  
Cultured Food & Drinks"  
"Small-Scale Orcharding in the North Country"     MacKENTLEY, Bill"Pollutant Carcinogen Exposure - - "        HASSIG, DonStone Masonry
       HUBER, Tom
            "Simply Green - -"    JUCZAK, Jim    
Solar Cooking COLLINS, Caron“Herbal Medicine in the Home”  PICKENS, Rebecca“Low-Tech Lifestyle: High Living, Low on the Hog” DOUGLASS, RichGleaners & Us: Living well on  Garbage MACHIDA, Carol & BrianPANEL
"Flush Busters:-  Compost Systems" LINDAHL, GROVES, CORSE
Backyard Sheep HODGE, Betsy
4:00"Scrounging - - - home - Life's " JUCZAK, Jim            “Creative off-grid retrofit systems” BARTLETT, Jerry"Basic Food Preservation: Save your harvest!"   LANG, KatherineForum   Growing Organic Vegetables and Herbs   TENGELER, Dulli“Developing Your Home Based Business”           MAINE, Sandy1 Lazy & Broke -  Guide to Food Self-Sufficiency COLBERT, Diane

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Thank you to St. Lawrence County Public Transportation for providing free shuttle buses to and from the parking area -- they helped make a great day for us all!    Hey! Get on the bus!!