Featured Speakers 2013

 Featured Speakers 2013 
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Elizabeth Henderson
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Pioneer

Greg Pahl
Author & Community Energy Proponent

Severine vonTscharner Fleming
& National Young Farmers Coalition

Modern Times Theater
performing the "Verbal Reclamation Front" and
"The City", plus a Punch & Judy puppet show!

At the Local Living Festival 2013, we are very fortunate to be able to bring you a noted farm activist who is credited, along with Robyn Van En and Jan VanderTuin, with being a pioneer of the "CSA" (Community Supported Agriculture) movement in the United States.  

 Elizabeth Henderson 
     Sharing the Harvest:     
A Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture

Elizabeth Henderson has been farming at Peacework Farm in Wayne County, New York, producing organically grown vegetables for the fresh market for over 30 years.
Peacework Organic Farm supplies vegetables to a 300-member CSA co-op celebrating it's 25th anniversary this coming season. 

She is a founding member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) in Massachusetts, has been on the Board of Directors of NOFA-NY since 1989, and represents NOFA in the national discussions of organic standards and on the Management Committee of the Agricultural Justice Project. She chairs the Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board in Wayne County, NY and helped organize the Domestic Fair Trade Association. In 2001, the organic industry honored her with one of the first "Spirit of Organic" awards. In 2007, Abundance Co-op honored her with the "Cooperating for Communities" award and in 2009 NOFA-NY honored her with a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Her writings on organic agriculture appear in The Natural Farmer and the NOFA-NY Food, Farms and Folks, and she is one of the authors of The Real Dirt: Farmers Tell about Organic and Low-Input Practices in the Northeast, lead author of Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture (Chelsea Green, 1999, with a new edition in 2007) and wrote A Manual of Whole Farm Planning (2003) with Karl North. With her former farm partner, she wrote A Food Book for a Sustainable Harvest for the members of the Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture Project.

Guest Emcees:  Catherine Shrady
                           Associate Professor of Geology, Director Outdoor Studies,
                             Adirondack & Sustainability Semesters
, St. Lawrence University

                          Dulli Tengeler
                          Farmer at Birdsfoot Organic Farm & Community
, Canton, NY

NOTE: The Local Living Festival will also feature the only CSA Fair north of Syracuse and Albany as one of the many events of the day.  This is an opportunity for anyone who eats to improve their diet through fresh, local foods and to support their local farmer and the regional economy as well!

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 Greg Pahl 
“Power From the People – Local Community Energy”

This presentation describes the big picture view of local energy sustainability from a 21st century perspective. It offers suggestions and examples of what individuals, institutions, non-profits, and communities can do to make themselves more energy resilient and otherwise curb their carbon footprint and adapt to the “new normal.”
Pahl will help our community prepare for the emerging energy challenges. The strategies and models are based on current, available technology (rather than wishful thinking) with a strong emphasis on collaborative community initiatives based on local ownership. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. 


Greg Pahl, author of Power From the People, (2012, Chelsea Green); The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook, (2007); Biodiesel, Second Edition (2008); and Natural Home Heating, (2003); has followed renewable energy issues for more than 30 years. A founding member of the Vermont Biofuels Association, The ACORN Network, and the Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op, he lives in Weybridge, Vermont. A selection of his articles is at gregpahl.com.

Guest Emcee:  TBA

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 The Greenhorns Are Coming! 
Founder Severine von Tscharner Fleming
Organizer, filmmaker and small-scale farmer in the Hudson Valley -- this is one busy woman.  Director of the Greenhorns, a nonprofit network of collaborators working to promote, recruit and support young farmers in America that is based in New York's Hudson Valley.

The Greenhorns run events, a radio show, a wiki-based guidebook, a wildly popular blog and released the well-known Greenhorns movie (shown in conjunction with the 2011 Local Living Festival, at Cinema 10!)

Also a founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition, Severine is "a force of nature!"
Fleming runs Smithereen Farm + Special Produce, where she raises rabbits, pigs, chickens, ducks, heirloom fruits and 2.6 acres of veggies. Major cash crops include meat, marjoram, pea shoots and rare lettuces.

Guest Emcee:  Heather Sullivan-Catlin, Board Chair, GardenShare.org

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THE Local Living Festival PRESENTS...

Modern Times Theater
Modern Times Theater shows convey a general dissatisfaction with post-modern convenience and promote a return to old-fashioned difficulty.  Their corporate offices are on a small farm in East Hardwick, VT, where they homestead and sell poultry and eggs

The Rural Person’s Verbal Reclamation Front
Join us for the latest installment from The Rural Person’s Verbal Reclamation Front,
whose mission is to rescue language from the icy grip of the post-industrial empire and present as a gift for the mutual benefit of woman and beast, man and pasture.

The Wonderful and Gruesome Drama of Punch and Judy

featuring their new smash hit
"The City"
Modern Times Theater presents “The City”, a toy theater play based on the fairy tale by Hermann Hesse.
In twenty minutes, you will see one thousand years in the history of a civilization. In vivid cardboard technicolor, you will see the development of an agrarian society. With little more than trash and toys, you will see the glorious arrival of the urban world. And in our miniscule stage of wonder, you will see the collapse of a great society. The droll superintendents of this production are none other than Punch and Judy, puppetry’s favorite jerk and his loudmouth wife. Never before has such an epic drama been revealed in such pint-sized proportions!

fun for children and adults!

Much good fun will be had at the

Local Living Festival
with the
Modern Times Theater!



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