Community Mural Project

  C o m m u n i t y    M u r a l   P a i n t i n  

One of the many amazing events that your friends and neighbors have put together for you at the Local Living Festival on April 27, 2013 is the Community Mural Painting -- designed by wonderful local artist  Marion Bradish
We post here some examples of her lyrical artwork!

All Festival attendees are welcome to help finish painting the triptych mural on site! 

This will be a truly,
organically, community-inspired work! 
If you would like to help Marion create the theme that she will draw upon to create this tableau please go to the link below for a survey of your creative thoughts! 

      outlining the mural theme!

The mural will be essentially about North Country life, though perhaps with some emphasis on community health and perhaps even more particularly on traditional workers on the land in the North Country, such as farmers, forestry workers, etc. but that's just the leaping off point -- take it from there and share your thoughts in the survey below!

  Please take this brief survey to help us determine the exact scene(s) the murals will depict!
This a truly community experience from start to finish!

The finished triptych will be shared by three organizations -- the Local Living Venture will take one part, the Occupational Health Clinical Center will take another, and our hosts for the Festival venue, the Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County, will be offered the other third!

The Community Mural Project is spear-headed by the Occupational Health Clinical Center, specialized in medical care for work-related disease or injury for North Country workers.  It is presented by Potsdam High School students, Massena Middle School Students, a Little River Student, and local farmers and friends!

  * recreating * growing * growing up *  
  * growing old * caring for * preparing * planting *  
  * cultivating * harvesting * picking * processing *  
  * preserving * baking * singing * knitting *  
  * shaping * mowing * splitting * teaching *