2011 Workshops & Demo's

Workshops, Presentations, Demonstrations

Featured Speakers 2011

Bryan Welch

Mother Earth News Publisher and Author
Bryan Welch

Beautiful and Abundant:
Building the World We Want


Support for our Featured Speakers has been provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s  Environmental Education Initiative For Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy Grant, administered by  St. Lawrence University, and the
          Northern New York Community Foundation.

Matthew Stein
Author: When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability and Surviving the Long Emergency

Making Shift Happen:
Transforming Collapse into Global Renaissance

Party Like it's 1929!


Modern Times Theater
The Rural Person’s
Verbal Reclamation Front

The Wonderful and Gruesome Drama of Punch and Judy

General Workshops & Speakers 2011

Workshops are grouped according to their  
Theme Cloud

  Perhaps you can suggest --
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  round out a Cloud meme!

Current Clouds and their Contents:

Food -- Cook * Eat * Preserve 

Baking Whole Food Treats: Cooking & Baking the Healthy Way -- Paula Youmell

Canning -- Kristin Colarusso

Cooking with Culture: Fermented Foods -- Cathy Hohmeyer

From Rose Hips to Road Kill: One Perspective on Canning on the Cheap -- Paul Hetzler

The Bizarre Secrets Behind Sunshine, Food, and YOU! -- David Gardner

Sunday 9/25 kicks off a 2-week Food Camp -- a Food Preservation Boot Camp!
Drying, freezing, fermenting, pickling, canning, cellaring, you name it!  
Sign up at the Festival or write us at SustLivingProject@gmail.com for a detailed list as it becomes available.

Biking as a Green and Healthy Way to Get Around in the North Country -- Dave Smith

Tesla all-electric vehicle! 
Crazy Jerry's Rocket Bike! 
Bio-diesel mini-bus!
.Saturday only.

Gardening / Farming

Answers to Your Questions about Growing Organic Food
-- Dulli Tengeler

So You Want to Be a Farmer? -- Ann and Brian Bennett

Multi-species Grazing to Get the Most from Your Pasture -- Betsy Hodge and Brent Buchanan

Permaculture: Life Raft on a Sea of Change -- John Radigan

Lasagna Gardens for the Beginning Gardener -- Jan DeWaters

Building Organic Matter -- Whit McDermut

Converting Manure and Other Farm Waste into Energy Using Anaerobic Digestion: Can This Be Done Economically on Smaller Farms? -- Stefan Grimberg

Unusual Crops: Sorghum, Rice, Grains, Tobacco
(for smoking or insecticide) -- Rich and Aimee Douglass

Composting 101 -- Kristin Colarusso

Saving Seeds: A Practical Primer
-- Jeremiah Curtis

PANEL:  Composting Toilets -- Chelle Lindahl and Mike Corse

Forestry / Woodlot / Healthy Hearth
Rocket Stoves:  Cooking with Twigs -- Ed Goldstein
Wood Stove Designs, Use & Tips -- Miles Manchester
Demonstration Booth
Earth Oven Design & Construction for Outdoor Baking -- Jackson Francisco  Demonstration Booth
Women and Wood: How to Split and Stack Firewood Safely and Easily -- Betsy Kepes
Getting Started with Tree Identification -- Diane Colbert

Wood Gasification, the Efficient European Heating System
Gene Knight

Green Building
Earth Sheltered Houses and Living Roofs -- Rob Roy
Timber Framing for the Rest of Us
-- Rob Roy

Cordwood Masonry Building -- Rob Roy

Strawbale Solar Living
-- Dean Anthony

Building Science for Homeowners: Why NOT Fiberglass -- Robin McClellan
Mortgage Free!  Innovative Strategies for Home Ownership -- Rob Roy
Zero Carbon Emission Homes: Cost-effective Homes of the Future -- Mel Tyree
Thermal Efficiency Construction--a Low-cost Way to Build Superinsulated Homes -- Richard Bentley

Earth-Friendly Appropriate Technology / Energy

  Reading the Climate News -- Jerry Jenkins
FEATURED SPEAKER:  Making Shift Happen: Transforming Collapse into Global Renaissance -- Matthew Stein
FEATURED MOVING-PLANET SPEAKER:  Watch Your Step!  Calculate Your Carbon Footprint -- Susan Powers  (bring your 2010 year-end utility bills & mileage!)

Solar and Wind for Agricultural Business Sustainability -- Conor Kays

PANEL:  So the Electric Company Will Pay ME to Make My Own Electricity? -- Jim Shaw and Margaret Weitzmann

Solar Electric for Your Home and Busin
ess -- Scott Shipley
Ice Cutting for Home Refrigeration -- Rich Douglass
Converting Manure and Other Farm Waste into Energy Using Anaerobic Digestion: Can This Be Done Economically on Smaller Farms? -- Stefan Grimberg

Solar Water Heating -- Matt Bullwinkel
The Promise of Grass Energy -- Jon Montan
9 Main Street: The Little House That Could -- Jerry Bartlett, aka "Crazy Jerry" (also a Home Tour 10/2)

Children & Young at Heart Teens & Young in Spirit!
Children's Activity Tent will be humming all day! 

different activity every hour, on the hour. 
Loads of fun for all age groups!

French Fries and the Food System
-- Sarah Bentley Garfinkel / GardenShare


Hula Hoops, Sack Race.  Don't miss the Butter Dance!!

Living Simply

FEATURED SPEAKER:  Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want -- Bryan Welch, Publisher of Mother Earth News

FEATURED LOCAVORE CHALLENGE SPEAKER:  Food for Thought, Thought for Food: Toward a Culture of Limits and Prosperity -- Bill Vitek

FEATURED LOCAVORE CHALLENGE SPEAKER:  MORE Than Local Food, the North Country's Community-based Food System  -- Aviva Gold

FEATURED MOVING-PLANET SPEAKER: Thoreau Now! From Fossil Fuels to Locavores -- Jon Rosales

Better Living without Chemicals: Clean Your Body and Home without Toxic Chemicals -- Susan Dillon
The Bizarre Secrets Behind Sunshine, Food and YOU! -- David Gardner
Population Issues -- Andrew Jones
No More Excuses, I Can Do Window Curtains! -- Dulli Tengeler and Katie Fagerlund
Build Your Own Deep Well Hand Pump -- Jim Juczak
Harvesting Rainwater -- John Bosworth

Sun Oven solar cooker and Wonder Wash ecological laundry device
-- Collins, Caron Demonstration Booth, Saturday only

Animals / Milk, Meat and Fiber

Raising Bees in Your Backyard -- Whit McDermott
Felting with Wool
-- Kathy Montan
  Demonstration Booth

Raising Pigs -- Renee Smith

Raising Sheep
Betsy Hodge

Multi-species Grazing to Get the Most out of Your Pasture -- Betsy Hodge and Brent Buchanan

Family Milk Cow -- Brent Buchanan and Betsy Hodge

Raising Beef for the Family -- Brent Buchanan


1. Fundamentals of Poultry Production: What You Need to Know
-- Corey Hayes

2. Raising Rabbits Successfully: The Art and Science
-- Corey Hayes

More are on the way!

Alpacas, Draft Horses, Chickens, Ducks and More!

Dirty Work

Bio-Diesel 101 -- Matt Bullwinkel
-- Mike and Kathy Gorr
FarmHack @ SUNY~ESF  -- Leanna Mulvihill

Lost Arts / Forgotten Skills
FEATURED SPEAKER:   Party Like It's 1929! -- Matthew Stein
Felting with Wool -- Kathy Montan
Sustainable Art Outdoor Workshop -- Relani Prudhomme

Plus demonstrators of various crafts and skills...
No More Excuses, I Can Do Window Curtains! -- Dulli Tengeler and Katie Fagerlund
Hand-knitted Socks - Architecture and Options -- Anita Figueras

Health & Wellness

Getting the Most Nutritional Bang for Your Buck: 5 Superfoods to Harvest and Prepare for Vibrant Health -- Martha Pickard Palmer

Demonstration: Capoeira and Maculelê -- Aluna Vaqueira

Is Your "Green House" a Healthy House? -- Alan Rossner

Mothers Naturally--Your Childbirth Choices
-- North Country Midwives Panel of Four

How the Communal Art of Capoeira Can Strengthen the North Country
-- Aluna Vaqueira

Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment -- Andrea Ferro

Aromatherapy for Health and Home -- Patreesha Endres

Yoga for Beginners -- Ellen Beeler

Small & Local Business  

The NY Small Scale Food Processors' Association: Resources for Adding Value and Advocacy -- Alison Clarke

Wind & Solar Power for Your Home, Farm, or Small Business
-- Conor Kays

Town - Home & Apartment Dwellers
(but not just in town - this applies to everyone!)


Is Your "Green House" a Healthy House? -- Alan Rossner
No More Excuses, I Can Do Window Curtains! -- Dulli Tengeler and Katie Fagerlund

College & Dorm Dwellers   
Communal Arts: Capoeira and Maculelê -- Aluna Vaqueira
Campus Sustainability Summit


Potsdam Farmer's Market Satellite
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   Old-Timers Tent 
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for granting the funds for our Featured Speakers
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Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Environmental Education Initiative For Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy Grant
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