Local Living Festival

Here are some video pieces from the 2nd 
Local Living Festival on September 24 & 25, 2011!

These were created by students from the Clarkson Center for Excellence in Communication for use on WCKN-TV.  The videos are a "Documenting Social Activism Student Project
" as part of
course work for History 332 at Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY.
Many thanks to the students and to their CCEC advisor, Dan Dullea!

  Local Living Festival 2011:  Farm Hack @ SUNY ESF
http://vimeo.com/31829505  Local Living Festival 2011:  Carbon Neutral Home - Mel Tyree
http://vimeo.com/31828968  Local Living Festival 2011:  Sue Powers & the Campus Sustainability        Summit in the Solar Powered Tent
http://vimeo.com/31828229  Local Living Festival 2011:  Eatin' Like An Activist
http://vimeo.com/31825905  Local Living Festival 2011:  Eating Locally
http://vimeo.com/31823900  Local Living Festival 2011:  Cordwood Building
http://vimeo.com/31822302  Local Living Festival 2011:  The Potsdam Food Co-op
http://vimeo.com/31765352  Local Living Festival 2011:  Living the Sustainable Life, DIY in Style with Crazy Jerry Bartlett

Local Living Festival 2011
~ A Celebration of Resourceful Living ~ 

September 24 & 25, 2011
9 am  to 5 pm
plus Green Home Tours!

Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm
2043 Route 68, Canton, NY
2.3 miles South of the intersection of Main St. / Rt. 11 / Rt. 310 / Rt 68
at the Stewart's and Price Chopper (L at 1st light in Canton if coming from Potsdam)

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~ serious fun and delightful education for all ~

Home Tours Line-Up 2011

3 energy-efficient or off-grid homes were toured (Sunday 10/2/11)

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Sign up to volunteer!
~ we need you! ~

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The Festival is a grassroots celebration of all things local --
rural life skills, small-scale agriculture, green building and renewable energy --
in town, in the dorm, and in the countryside.

   * Z E R O  W A S T E   *   Z E R O  W A S T E *
 * Z E R O  W A S T E *   2011

 Zero-Waste Festival     
As part of our commitment to be a Zero Waste Festival, we are the first out-of state certification (we found no certification programs in NYS) for the ZIP Certification Program in Pittsburgh, PA -- we received Gold Status!  We aspire to the highest level of certification and encourage you to help us along the way.

Please bring your own place setting! (bowl, flatware, mug, cloth napkin)

OR...be prepared to pay a deposit for a set you can "borrow" from us!

OR...use the compostable wares that the vendors will provide, and dispose of them in the compost bins instead of the "landfill" bins.

We are also separating ALL waste items for proper handling and providing on-site education about zero waste!

~*~  ADMISSION  ~*~

$5 per person, per day
 Free under 16

Free to those who arrive via alternative transportation
(fossil fuel free!)

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Please allow time to park (less than a mile from the Learning Farm)
and take the shuttle buses provided by NYSARC.
Wheelchair accessible parking is provided at the Learning Farm.

Remington Festival Shuttle2011
You may also wish to park downtown, visit the Remington Festival,
and take the FREE shuttle provided hourly from in front of North Country Savings Bank on Main near Court Street! 
Leaves the Farm at the half hour and leaves downtown Canton at quarter til the hour,
beginning at 10:30 and ending at 5:30 on Saturday only.

Local Living Festival

Featured Speakers

Mother Earth News Publisher

Bryan Welch

speaking on the topic
Beautiful and Abundant:
Building the World We Want

3 PM, Sunday, September 25
What kind of world do we want to live in?

Bryan Welch

Bryan Welch
Author, Farmer & Media Executive

Welch is well known for his optimism, sense of humor and his commitment to empowering people to live their own versions of the good life. His work is a green business success story, demonstrating unequivocally that it is possible to do well in business without destroying natural or human resources.

~*~  4 PM Book Signing  ~*~
Click the photo
to learn more about Bryan's book, life, and philosophy.

Support for our Featured Speakers has been provided by
the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s  Environmental Education Initiative For Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy Grant, administered by  St. Lawrence University, and the
Northern New York Community Foundation.

Matthew Stein
Author: When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability and Surviving the Long Emergency
Speaking on Sunday, September 25

2:00 PM

Making Shift Happen:
Transforming Collapse into Global Renaissance

3:30 PM
Book Signing Extravaganza (with Bryan Welch and local author David Gardner)
NOTE:  Books will be available for sale on site!

                                     4:00 PM
                                     Party Like it's 1929!

Click the photo to learn more about Mat's presentations.

Author of the upcoming

Making Shift Happen:
Transforming Collapse into
Global Renaissance

and the best-selling book
When Technology Fails:
A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability and Surviving the Long Emergency

Support for our Featured Speakers has been provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s  Environmental Education Initiative For Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy Grant, administered by  St. Lawrence University, and the
Northern New York Community Foundation.


We are pleased to announce...  2011

Modern Times Theater
The Rural Person’s Verbal Reclamation Front
Saturday. September 24 at 2:00 and 3:30 PM
The Wonderful and Gruesome Drama of Punch and Judy

fun for adults and children!
Saturday. September 24 at 12:30

Click the photo

to see more about the good fun to be had at the
Local Living Festival
with the
Modern Times Theater!

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We are Local, but we are linked -- 2011
to Regional and International activities as well!
This year the Local Living Festival serves as local liaisons and hosts
for the following projects, culminating on our Festival days!




We want proactive change:

Science-based policies to get us back to 350ppm
A rapid, just transition to zero carbon emissions.
Mobilizing funding for a fair transition to a 350ppm world.
Lifting the rights of people over the rights of polluters.

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A day to move beyond fossil fuels

Moving Planet is a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis—a single day to move away from fossil fuels. For too long, our leaders have denied and delayed, compromised and caved. That era must come to an end.  Saturday, September 24th!

Come on bike, on skates, on a board, or on foot. Come with your neighbors and your friends, your family and your co-workers. Come be part of something huge. It's time to get moving on the climate crisis.

see our listing at

The Sustainable Living Project & Local Living Festival are registered events participating in this global day of action.  Think Locally, Act Globally in this case!  Join us for ways to live a low-impact life, at the Local Living Festival on September 24th -- AND 25th!  One day just isn't enough!

No fee to enter the Local Living Festival if you arrive by renewable, non fossil-fuel powered means!

Honored Moving-Planet guest speakers on Saturday:

Moving-Planet Fellowship Speaker

                 Jerry Jenkins, Author of The Adirondack Atlas
                       presents: "Reading the Climate Change News"
    2 PM Saturday

Moving-Planet Fellowship Speaker
                 Sue Powers, PhD, PE, Spence Professor in Sustainable Environmental Systems and Associate Director for Sustainability in the Institute for a Sustainable Environment at Clarkson University
                       presents "Watch Your Step: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint" 
(bring your 2010 year-end electric and home heating bills and estimate the number of miles you drove last year to most easily participate in this interesting exercise.)
   11 AM Saturday

Moving-Planet Fellowship Speaker
                     Jon Rosales, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at St. Lawrence University
                       presents: "Thoreau Now"    4 PM Saturday
        -- an inspiring talk that will bridge our Moving-Planet day to Locavore day!

Support for our Fellowship Speakers has been provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s  Environmental Education Initiative For Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy Grant, administered by  St. Lawrence University.



Locavore Challenge

Food Minus the Mileage

Sunday, September 25, lunch

We'll celebrate a meal in style -- a local foods picnic on the lawn and in the dining tent at lunch, serenaded by the old-time music of Cory and Shay Whitherell!

About the  Locavore*Challenge

The NY Locavore Challenge is a month-long campaign aimed at engaging consumers across the state in eating local organic foods.  The goal for this campaign is to educate consumers about how to make healthy and ethical food choices, cook with in-season, local organic foods, while supporting local sustainable farms and food businesses.
Check out this page to see ways you can participate in this event through one or more of the key challenge areas:
Grow Cook Eat

Honored Locavore Challenge guest speakers on Sunday:

Locavore Challenge Fellowship Speaker
                 Aviva Gold, Associate Director, GardenShare
                      presents "MORE Than Local Food: The North Country's Community-Based Food System"
                      1 PM Sunday

Locavore Challenge Fellowship Speaker
                 Bill Vitek,
Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Clarkson University
"Food for Thought, Thought for Food: Toward a Culture of Limits and Prosperity"
                                       Sunday time TBA

Locavore Challenge Fellowship Speaker
              Alison Clarke, Founder & Secretary, NY-SSFPA (Small Scale Food Processors Association)
                    presents "Value-Added Foodstuffs - You're in Business!"

                                      Sunday time TBA

Support for our Fellowship Speakers has been provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s  Environmental Education Initiative For Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy Grant, administered by  St. Lawrence University.


M a n y  M o r e   F e a t u r e s 2011

The Dear Alpaca Farm with their handsome animals, as well as wagon rides from the St. Lawrence County Draft Horse Association members.  Also visit with the sheep, pigs, cows and chickens that normally reside at the Learning Farm.

A reprise of the TAUNY exhibit featuring homes built in the Homesteaders style of the 1970's onward was also featured in the main barn display area in 2010.

Three performances by the Modern Times Theater of East Hardwick, VT will amuse and enlighten!  The Rural Person's Verbal Reclamation Front will "reclaim" the words "chore" and "economy" at 2 PM and 3:45 PM on Saturday.  The lunch hour will conclude with a Punch n Judy Puppet Show for kids and adults!


Jack Kelley's Little Big Band will get you swinging, just after the last performance by the Modern Times Theater, at 4PM.  Since 2003, the 14 to 16 piece Jack Kelley Little
Big Band has played big band favorites as well as contemporary classics -- and will help us close out the first day of the Local Living Festival in style!

Cody & Shay Witherell are our wonderful wandering troubadours, playing bluegrass and old-time music during the lunch hour -- and whenever it feels right!

The Festival also features a satellite of the Potsdam Farmer’s Market!  Vendors of good, local food from the Potsdam Food Co-op Carriage House Bakery, Barb's Dog's, and Nature's Storehouse.  All vendors comply with "zero-waste" requirements for an ecologically-sound Festival! (see "Zero Waste" below for how YOU can participate!)

Ongoing demonstrations of traditional crafts such as spinning wool into yarn, splitting wood, building and baking in an "Earth Oven", canning, using a Sun Oven, wood stove styles, use and safety, build-yer-own deep well hand pump, Capoeira and Maculelê (martial arts). and more.

Up to 75 exhibits of all stripes, from woolen products handmade in front of you to U.S.-made solar ovens that benefit Fair Trade organizations, from fiber arts to forestry products, renewable energy systems to hand-made personal care, and traditional crafts to how-to books.

Visit three local homes on Sunday, October 2 -- all of them completely off the power grid!  Check out the Home Tours page and sign up at the Festival or by email.

A beautiful new, all-electric Tesla car willl be on display
Check out Crrrrazy Jerry's beautiful Aurora recumbent fully-enclosed yellow rocket-mobile! 
(likely Sat. only)

Schulze Construction has generously donated the use of their trailered solar power array (used to build at remote home sites) to power the main speakers venue, the Solar Tent.  How cool is that.


SATURDAY -- Bicyclists from the Clarkson University ECO (Environmental Conservation Organization) will be riding in from Potsdam, with an estimated arrival time of 11-11:30 am Saturday!
SUNDAY -- Bicyclists riding from St. Lawrence University Canton’s Village Park, estimated arrival during lunch on Sunday!

Baby-changing area, mothers nursing parlor and child nap area provided with the North Country Midwives attending to family needs.

A different children's activity every hour, and the St. Lawrence County Dairy Princess and Maple Princess may make a special visit.  Teen activities include a fun session called "French Fries and the Food System" followed by an interactive maculele demonstration. See

A butter dance - making butter from real cream, as well as hula hooping, sack races, pressing apples for cider, and more fun for kids of all ages.

Representatives of six North Country campuses will share their challenges, successes and perhaps collaborate on some future sustainability initiatives.  All are invited to join in on this discussion of what is transpiring at our local universities; major economic drivers and intellectual hubs in our region!  Assembly member Addie Russell will officiate this event at 1 PM Saturday.

Community Supported Agriculture is an innovative program where families purchase a "share" in the coming crops of a specific farm in advance in exchange for a weekly box of produce, meat, eggs, and other foodstuffs.  This Informational Exhibit will highlight the benefits and features of most of the CSA's in the area, including the types of shares available, drop-off locations, and more.


Group Photo session for both the regional NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge and the international Moving Planet Day during the lunch hour both days.

  • Please bring your own place setting (including cloth napkin) if you can!  Honor system storage will be provided so you don't need to drag your settings around all day (or your Farmer's Market purchases!)! 
  • Food vendors will not use single-serve packets and will provide compost-able serving components for those without a place setting.
  • Durable place settings will be available (we hope!) for a small deposit as well.
    Waste-stream education will be in the forefront, because there is no "away" when you throw it away!
  • To our knowledge the Local Living Festival is the first-ever certified Zero Waste Event held in the North Country of New York.  Certification to be provided by ZIP Certification in Pittsburgh, PA.  (There are no NY State certifying agencies).
A special FarmHack presentation by SUNY-ESF student leader Leanna Mulvihill at 3 p.m. Saturday    See http://www.youngfarmers.org/practical/farm-hack/

Children at play with hula hoops, sack races, a butter dance and more.
Modern Times Theater puppet shows and live theater (Saturday only)
Wandering musicians
Vendors serving up fresh local foods!

Group Photo session for NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge and Moving Planet Day

Please Join Us!


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Home Tours Line Up Growing! 2011


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Local Living Festival
~ A Celebration of Resourceful Living ~

Features serious fun and delightful education for all, with over 75 speakers, skills-building workshops, performances, and demonstrations of simple living, rural, and "do-it-yourself" resources and skills.  This event combines two long-popular events -- the previous Energy Fair and the Cooperative Extension Harvest Festival, to take place near Canton, NY over a full two-day schedule from 9-5 on September 24 and 25.

Come  learn  (and teach!)  how  to  live  lightly,  and  economically,  too!

   The weekend will feature
home-grown energy systems, hourly children's and teen activities, farm animals, draft horse wagon rides, food vendors serving up locally-grown food, a satellite of the Potsdam Farmer's Market, and much more. 

    Exhibitors and demonstrators of everything from fiber arts to forestry products, renewable energy systems to hand-made personal care items, traditional crafts to how-to books, and more will be featured in an old-timey stall barn setting and also sprinkled about the grounds of the
Cooperative Extension Learning Farm,
2043 State Highway 68, 2.3 miles from Rt. 11, near Canton.

Featured Speaker Bryan Welch, Publisher of "Mother Earth News" will talk about his Book "Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want" on Sunday at 3 PM, followed by book signing.  Also speaking and signing books will be author Matthew Stein of "When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability and Surviving the Long Emergency
."  Regional favorite speaker Jerry Jenkins will share his thoughts on Climate Change in celebration of 350.org's Moving Planet global day of action.  More speakers are in the works!

   This second annual event is the heir apparent to the 17-year strong North Country Sustainable Energy Fair but has a broader focus on not only renewable energy and green building but real food and local economies
-- and how you can make all of this real in YOUR life

Contact information: SustLivingProject@gmail.com, or 315.347.4223.
Zero-Waste Festival    

$5 per person, per day admission, Free under 16
Free to those who arrive via alternative transportation (gasoline free)!

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Sharing Knowledge from the Past ~ Building Skills for the Future