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Local Living Festival

~ A Celebration of Resourceful Living ~

The next Festival is scheduled for
Saturday, September 26, 2015
on our homestead property (location not yet known)
or in downtown Canton, NY

 2015   M E D I A   Sponsor 



memories from our most recent
Local Living Festival
that was held on April 27, 2013
9 am  to 5 pm

plus Green Home Tours (May 4)!

Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm
2043 Route 68, Canton, NY
2.3 miles South (towards Colton) from the intersection
of Main St./Rt. 11 at Rt. 310 & Rt. 68
Intersection landmarks: Stewart's and Price Chopper (L at 1st light in Canton coming from Potsdam)

Click Here to See Complete Workshop Description, Schedule & Speakers 

  TWO Benefit Events!

Indian Dinner 
Thanks to all who came and ate and shared in this great fundraising event! 
Many thanks to the Friends of India Association members who helped to make it possible!

Friday April 26, 7 pm

Please join us for Featured Speaker
Elizabeth Henderson, CSA pioneer

The Importance of the "C" in "CSA"
plus Vocal Skies shape note singers,
and a mini-play "The City" by Modern Times Theater!

The Parkview (above the Blackbird Cafe,
Main St. near Court St.,) Canton, NY

Please support the Festival by attending these events and contributing what you can -- we have covered the bare necessities of expenses with the Indian Dinner (yay!), but still need to repay the costs of organizing, which is well over $6000, and we need YOU!
J O I N   I N    T H E   F U N !
 click here to see full details 

New volunteers are also always welcome.


Friends of the
Local Living Venture can now donate
their bottle & cans to our account at CJ’s Kegs Cases & More Potsdam, NY.
When recycling your returnable bottles and cans please take them to CJ’s and ask that
the redemption amount be donated to us!
Thank you in advance for your generous support, from the Local Living Venture team

 Featured Events 2013 

Renewable Energy Fair

School Compost & Recycling Summit
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Fair
Seed & Seedling Swap (informal - bring yours to swap!)
Paul Smith's College Woodsman's Team Skill Exhibition

Demonstrators of country skills sought!
Plus dozens of Workshops for Adults, Teens, and Children - every hour!

Local Living Festival

Wednesday, April 17
7 - 8:30 pm

(followed by snacks and social time)
(usual location: Cooperative Extension Learning Farm
2043 SH 68, 2.3 miles from Rt. 11, Canton

Contact us at
 Local Living Venture@gmail.com 
or call 315.347.4223
cell (day of the gatherings only) 315.261.1926

 Featured Speakers 2013 


 Elizabeth Henderson, CSA Pioneer 
 Keynote: The Importance of the "C" in "CSA" 
 7 pm Friday April 26 (special free will benefit event!) 
 The Parkview  (above the Blackbird Cafe)

 Greg Pahl, Author & Community Energy Proponent 

 Severine vonTscharner Fleming, 
 Greenhorns & National Young Farmers Coalition 
Keynote:  the national young farmers movement and "Local Living      Ventures Forth!" 

Modern Times Theater 
 Featuring their newest mini-play "The City"
 7 pm Friday April 26 
(special free will benefit event!) 
 The Parkview  (above the Blackbird Cafe)

 Many thanks to St. Lawrence University   
  for their sponsorship of our speakers!      
 See the Sponsors link below for details.   

Other special guests:  Michael Tracy-Ireland on a "Steady State Economy" and Anna Busser of ADK Bucks on "Creating a Cooperative Regional Economy."

Click these links for lots more great stuff!

 Click Here for 
  M A N Y  M O R E   F E A T U R E D   E V E N T S!

Click Here For
Complete Workshop Descriptions,
Schedule & Speakers 

  SPONSORS:  Click Here to View Them All! 

   * Z E R O  W A S T E   *   Z E R O  W A S T E *
 * Z E R O  W A S T E *   2013

 Zero-Waste Festival     
As part of our commitment to be a Zero Waste Festival, we were the first out-of state certification (we found no certification programs in NYS) for the ZIP Certification Program in Pittsburgh, PA -- we received Gold Status!  We aspire to the highest level of certification and encourage you to help us along the way.

Please bring your own place setting!
(bowl, flatware, mug, cloth napkin)

OR...be prepared to pay a deposit for a set you can "borrow" from us!

OR...use the compostable wares that the vendors will provide, and dispose of them in the compost bins instead of the "landfill" bins.

NOTE:  We are offering several yummy local food vendors for your dining pleasure!

We are separating ALL waste items for proper handling and providing on-site education.
Interested?  Join our Zero Waste Working Group!

2013 Theme Tracks for the
 Local  Living Festival 

  Renewable Energy Fair - Earth-Friendly / Appropriate Technology  
                        School Compost & Recycling Summit                              
                Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Fair                        

                                   Seed & Seedling Swap!                                          
         Paul Smith's College Woodsman's Team Skill Exhibition            
 Food -- Cook * Eat * Preserve
Green Building                          
 Transportation                                       Animals / Milk, Meat and Fiber 
 Gardening / Farming                            
Community Arts                          
 Forestry/ Woodlot/ Healthy Hearth     
Living Simply                              
 Rocket Stoves & Mass Heaters
           Lost Arts / Forgotten Skills      
 "Dirty Work"
                                            Town - Home & Apt. Dwellers  
 Health & Wellness                                 
College & Dorm Dwellers        
Small Scale Food Processing                Campus Sustainability              
          Children & Young at Heart + Teens & Young in Spirit!                 
                             (hourly activities for both children and teens!)

Celebrating at the node connecting Arbor Day, Earth Week and Int'l Composting Week!


Local Living Festival

Simple Living
Dawn Rosenbarker (
salve/DIY SkinCare /tincture demonstration)
Mind’s Eye Farm

Bittersweet Farm
C. L. Cook Farm
Eight O’clock Ranch
Fullers Farm
Grasse River B Ranch
Heritage Homes
Kent Family Farm
Little Grasse Foodworks
Noble Farm
Outhouse Farm

Farmers Market
Bittersweet Farm
C. L. Cook Farm
Eight O’clock Ranch
Grasse River B Ranch
High Peaks Winery
Iroquois Farm
Potsdam Food Co-op &
Carriage House Bakery
The Smith Farm (chickens)

Community Artisans
Fauna on Flora
Fisher & Sons

Community Organizations
Adirondack North Country
Association (ANCA)
Brewer Bookstore
Massena Nature Center
North Country Homeschooling Families
Spiral Scouts
Deep Root Summer Camp

Adirondack Battery & Solar
Alternative Power Solutions
Borderlands Energy
Martin Farm Supply
Northern Lights Energy

FOOD  Cook • Eat • Preserve

New York Small Scale Food Processors Association
SNAP Program

ForestryWoodlotHealthy Hearth
NYFOA (Northern Adirondack Chapter of the New York Forest Owners Association)
St. Lawrence County Soil & Water Conservation District
St. Lawrence Land Trust
“Wood” Stove Display

Gardening / Farming
North Country Grown Cooperative
Old Market Farm

Green Building
Earthwood Building School
Thermal Efficiency Building

Health & Wellness
Ag Labor Program (Dept. of Labor)
CCE Adopting Healthy Habits
Young Living Essential Oils
Fidelis Care
St. Lawrence Health Initiative

Local / Regional Economies
Adirondack Regional Economies / ADK Bucks

Lost Arts / Forgotten Skills
Blacksmith/Train Brook Forge
St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum

See also our wonderful student created displays!
Listing coming soon!

Local Living Festival

Animal Calls
Belly Dancing
Blacksmith David Woodward
Brewer Bookstore — book sales and author book signings

Cooperative Economies
Drum Circle (during the lunchtime Butter Dance)
Etching on Fungi with a Fun Guy
European Scythe
GardenShare — Guess That Vegetable!
Gasification Stove

Identifying Tracks
Interactive Community Mural Painting
Live Animals/Meat Tasting
Making Stress Balls — Make It/ Take It!
Maypole CelebrationModel “Wood” Stove & Fire Science
Paul Smith’s College Woodsmen’s Team Skill Exhibition
Power & Equipment Museum Steam Engine Demonstration
Recycled Paper Basket Making

SLU Sustainability Semester Top Bar Bee Hive
Tincture Making for Health
UU Church Toolbox of Faith 4th & 5th Grade Beehive Project
Scavenger Hunt — Connecting the Community
Scroll Saw Artistry
Seeds and Seedling Informal Swap
(bring some to swap!)
Social Capital Demonstration
Soil in a Bucket
Storytelling on Computer
What Kind of Leader Are You?
Yoga Loft

Local Living Festival

Renewable Energy
Earth Friendly / Appropriate Technologies

Discover the New Solar
Who Knew What the Wind Could Do — Turbines to Power Your Life
Primer for Geothermal Heat Pumps
Solar Heating

Farming & Gardening
CSA Discussion Panel
Growing & Encouraging Herbs ‘101’
Invasive Species in Agriculture
Season Extension for the Home Gardener

FOOD   Cook * Eat * Preserve
Cooking with Culture — Fermented Foods
Home Dairying — Get the Best of Raw Milk — The Real Deal
Making Fabulous Farmer Cheese
Making Herbal Tea for Enjoyment and Health

ANIMALS   Milk * Meat *Fiber
Basics of Bees and Bee Discussion Group
Multi-Species Grazing to Maximize Yields and Improve Efficiency of Production
Raising 150 Meat Birds in An Outdoor System
Raising Rabbits for Meat and Fiber
Some Dos and Don’ts of Beginning
Farming — Starting with Pigs
Using Guardian Animals to Protect Livestock

Forestry / Woodlot / Healthy Hearth

Small-Scale Woodlot Logging and Management
Silvipasture: Grazing Cows Amongst the Trees
Forestry Practices for Sugarbush Management
Hedgerows for Habitat

Rocket Stove Panel Discussion

Green Building
It Is Easy Being Green
Building Your Creative Living Space
Super Basic Composting Toilets
Earth-Sheltered Homes — Living Roofs

College / Dorm Living
Sustainable Choices for Green College Living

Health & Wellness
Conflict: A Local, Abundant, Natural & Renewable Resource for Sustainability in Relationships
The Unsustainable Diet — Going Against the Grain

Local / Regional Economies
How Do You Start a Local Economy?
Young Farmer's Movement & Local Living Ventures Forth
Mortgage Free!
‘Steady’ State Economy

Lost Arts / Forgotten Skills
Creating Salves — DIY Skin Care

Simple Living
Living the Low Tech Lifestyle
Scrounging — An Art Form

12 and up -- and for the young at heart!

9am   Make and Take Gardens with AnnBennett --seed starting and porch gardening too!
     * re-purposed gallon or larger containers from Canton Central School and Bailey Houses 225 and 227

10am   Bottle Biology with Carol Wright - an environment and agriculture educational project creating a self-sustaining 2 liter bottle terrarium project!
     * seeds donated by Biersweet Farm
     * soda bottles donated by Bailey 225 and 227
     * fish donated by Green Machine Hydro Seeding

11am - Crop mob (morning session) will be prepping the hills for 150 pumpkin seeds to be planted in the afternoon session

12pm - Elemental Jewelry with Sabrina (wooden bead, tree limb, help project)

1pm   All Natural Sundial and Flower Bed project

2pm   Orienteering Class - learn and share basic survival and outdoor skills!

3pm   Crop Mob (afternoon session) planting and setting mini greenhouses

Ongoing: One Sustainable Thing photos

Kid's Place: 10 and Under (please bring your "Big Person" and have them stay for the fun!)

There will be a number of crafts provided by the Girl Scout Troop from Brasher Falls (all supplies donated) they will be determined and set by next week but under consideration are several "butterfly projects" and paper mache of globes to incorporate Earth Day...

The already scheduled Butter Dance, Puppet Show and Sack races at noon

Members of Canton Centrals One Voice (Peer Health Leadership initiative) and the Girls Modified LAX team will be providing face painting and "warm bodies" to supervise limbo, chicken dance, hula hooping contests and the like...


Twenty students in the Sociology class “Environmental Problems,” taught by Professor Andrew Jones at SLU; five students in the Sociology class “Environment & Society” with Professor Heather Catlin-Sullivan at SUNY Potsdam; and the eight students of the SLU Sustainability Semester have contributed displays, demonstrations and webpages to the Local Living Festival for posterity.

We thank each of these bright lights for their enthusiasm and great work!  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the results of their efforts.


FOOD  Cook • Eat • Preserve

Clara Dempf

Small Scale Food Processing:

    •    Cooking

    •    Eating

    •    Preserving

Green Building

Josh Slocum

Biomass Technology

Progressive Sustainable

Housing (dual display)

Farming & Gardening

Holly Bucher

Diversified Farming

Urban Gardening

Starting a Home Garden

Campus: Dorms & Student Life

Caroline Rivellini

Campus Sustainability:

    •    Successes

    •    Challenges & Future

Why Campus Sustainability?

Lost Arts / Forgotten Skills

Carter Cruick

Homemade Dairy Products from Cows & Goats

Beauty and Wellness Products:  Homemade Natural Cleansers

Vines & Suds:  Homemade Wine/Beer

Local Business Supported RAFFLE!
Ashley Scott
See the In-Kind Sponsors listing for all of the great sponsors Ashley brought together for fun gift baskets that were raffled in support of the Local Living Festival!


Animals, Milk, Meat and Fiber Theme Track

Marc Perroni, Julie Chase, Charles Cocharan, Catie Johnson

Local Restaurants & Sustainability

Sustainable Farming vs. Large

    Scale Farming

Native American Hunting

Animals Roles in Native American


Meat in Your Community

Meat and Your Health


Animals of the North Country

Community Arts Theme Track

Tirzah Ziegler, Sarah Kossak, Kylee Disotelle, Carina Taliaferro

Drum Circles

Storytelling in a Digital Age

Benefits of Theatre

The Effects of Murals
Belly Dancing

Concert with Dancing and Local Food


Civic Engagement and Regional Economies

Justin Ingram, Braulio Acuria, Paul Piatelli
John Ferguson, Todd Shouvlin, Michaela Lewis, William Crompton

Affluent Peasant:

    •    Snowmobile Sled Firewood System

    •    Setting Up to Change the Balance of Power

Farming in the North Country:  Building Tighter Communities

What Is Social Capital and How It Can Create a Tighter Community

CSA in the North Country

Examples of Local Economies

The Gift Economy

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Transformational Leadership

Health & Wellness Theme Track

Oliver Dennis, Kendra Campbell, James Wilcox, Molly Caplan

Holistic Health

Local Food System

Wood-Burning Stoves

Get Active in Canton

Eating Healthy

Health in the Workplace

Support in the Community

Health in the Workplace

Farmer Health/Health Problems


Lauren Olson

Composting Toilets

Emma DayBranch

    Natural Bee Keeping: Top Bar Hives

Jacob Cockrell

    On Homesteading: Doing Your Part

Emma Duffany

    Poultry in Motion: An Interactive Day with Chickens and Their Egg-mobile

Heron Hetzler

    Managing Pests with Beneficial Insects

Olivia Downs

    Mystical Milk: The True Story of Milk Production

Zelie Wright-Neil

    Zelie’s Goat Adventure book

Bronte Sone

    Small-Scale Apples: How to Have Apples in Your Backyard

 t h e  F a r m 

(2012; USA; d. Cecily Pingree)
Monday, April 22 at 7:15 pm
Roxy Theater (20 Main Street, Potsdam; 315-265-9630)

Faced with losing their small farms, rural Maine dairy farmers launch their own milk company --a gamble that will either ruin or save them.

Special appearance by the director, Cecily Pingree and
Maine's Own Organic (MOO) Milk CEO Bill Eldridge
A film presented in conjunction with the Local Living Festival

                          Seeking Volunteers!  

     Looking for something full of creativity? 

Blacksmithing,  fiber arts,  small scale food processing,  geothermal heat,
  water quality,  community supported agriculture  (CSA), 
energy efficiency,
  college sustainability,  rain barrels,  organic dairy,
root cellars, 
engaging teenagers in sustainability,  composting,
solar panels, 
chopping wood,   and the list goes on...

                            You don't have to be an expert
             in your area of interest --  just curious!

                                        THEME CURATORS 
       YOU can put together a "homestead track" for the Festival -- you will meet others of similar interests, contact the folks who really do know a lot about it, and learn more about your particular passion while you're at it!  Be a curator for a theme!
       We give you resources to follow up on, and you pull together a small grouping based on one specific area of interest for the Festival!
Your track could include:  a speaker; demonstrations; exhibits; vendors; website resources; you name it. 

       This is a fun and interactive way to be very involved in creation of the
Local Living Festival
.  Work alone, paired off, or as part of a team -- largely from the comfort of your own home!              

Contact us at    LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com    for details.

                         Local Living Festival 2013
                                  Seeking Volunteers! 

      Working Groups 
Seeking Leadership & Members!
Seeking "committee members" -- wonderful volunteers are needed!
Individuals with leadership skills to form teams very welcomed. 
(Staff support available!)

  Zero Waste
                                      Featured Speakers (Care & Feeding)
  Parking                                            Signage
  Welcome Booth                              Festival Program (for attendees)
  Buildings & Grounds                     Program Ad Sales  Admissions
  GIS Festival Mapping                    Topical Display Creation
  Home Tours                                    Festival Hospitality
  Festival Evaluations                      Planning Gathering Hospitality (3/20, 4/3, 3/27 & 4/24)
  Renewable Energy Fair                 Presentations to Local Organizations
                                         Flash Mob (Local Style!)
  Decorations                                    Speaker Monitors / Evaluations
  Merchandise                                   Politicians / VIP’s
  Photography / 
Group Photo          Benefit  (concert, meal, etc.) Logistics
  School Compost & Recycling Summit 

        The following are the
      Working Groups 
    That DO Have Leadership

       But Could Use Your Volunteer Energy!

  • Children's  & Teen Activities - Angie Foster + you!?
  • Farmers Market - Jackie Bartholomew + you!?
  • Food Vendors - Jackie Bartholomew + you!?
  • CSA Fair - Jackie Bartholomew + you!?
  • Media & PR - Chelle Lindahl + you!?
  • Photo/Video - Chris Butchino + you!?
  • Volunteers - Jody Tosti + you!?
  • Fundraising - Matt Nowak, Rajiv Narula + you!?
  • Finance - Chris Butchino + you!?
  • Major Donations - Paul Pickens + you!?
  • Community Arts - Relani Prudhomme + you!?
  • Workshops - Brian Bennett + you!?
  • Festival  Theme Tracks - Amanda Klosner + you!?
  • Campus Tracks - Matt Nowak + you!?
  • Administrative / Logistics - Chelle Lindahl & Melinda Ely + you!?
  • Exhibitors - Amanda Klosner + you!?
  • Demonstrator Recruitment - Amanda Klosner + you!?

Home Tours Line-Up 2013

energy-efficient and off-grid homes tour date Saturday 5/4/13)

click here


~ serious fun and delightful education for all ~

Sign up to volunteer!
~ we need you! ~

click here
free admission!

The Festival is a grassroots celebration of all things local --
rural life skills, small-scale agriculture, green building and renewable energy --
in town, in the dorm, and in the countryside.

~*~  ADMISSION  ~*~

$5 per person, per day
 Free under 16

FREE to those who arrive via alternative transportation
(fossil fuel free!)

 Support the Festival! 

click here to purchase

Please allow time to park (2.3 miles from the Learning Farm)
and take the shuttle buses provided by NYSARC.
NEW parking location to be announced.
Wheelchair accessible parking is provided at the Learning Farm.

Shuttle buses will run continuously from 8:45 am
and ending at 5:30.



   The  2013   L o c a l  L i v i n g  V e n t u r e
(formerly Sustainable Living Project) coordinators 
are exceedingly grateful to the support of
   our many donors, large and small. 

Local Living Festival
Generous Sponsors


  s p o n s o r s h i p   l e v e l s   d e t a i l e d   b e l o w  

Next Festival Date:
April 25, 2015

please feel free to suggest potential sponsors!

 2013   M E D I A   Sponsor 


 2013  Kermit Green  Sponsor 

your logo here!

check back very soon
for more wonderful sponsors!

 2013  Evergreen  Sponsor 

 Anonymous Community Benefactor    
a much appreciated $5,000 gift       

your name or logo here!

  2013  Apple Green  Sponsor 

St. Lawrence University is pleased to sponsor speakers for the Local Living Festival with the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Environmental Education Initiative For Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy Grant
St. Lawrence University is Green!

Liam Hunt and

Kathleen Stein

Generous Benefactors

    your name or logo here!

 2013  Forest Green  Sponsor 

 Schulze Construction 
  Fine Woodworking & Remote-Setting Home Builder 
  (315) 347 - 4585 


 Anonymous Community Benefactor      
a  much appreciated $500 gift 


 Generous Community Benefactor 
   Robin McClellan

  Generous Benefactors  

  your name or logo here!          

   Spring Bud Green Sponsor   


Bob Shepherd
Generous Benefactor

North Country Dairy   

North Lawrence, NY     

 2013  Leaf Green  Sponsor  



Friends of the Nature Center
at Robert Moses State Park, Massena
(315) 705-5593


Potsdam Farmer's Market

 Generous In-Kind Contributors  

  Vocal Skies 
   Community-based Shape Note Singers 
    Inquire at TAUNY!
 (Traditional Arts of Upstate New York) 
for generous display of their installation
Hippie Houses & Homesteads: Back-to-the-Land Architecture 

 Walldroff Equipment 
Lawn & Garden / Agricultural Equipment
for use of a tractor for safety and maintenance demonstrations
 Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton  
for use of several much0needed tables at the last possible second! 
3-1/2 E Main St  Canton, NY 13617 
(315) 386-2498 

Beautiful tents are a large part of what makes the Festival...festive!
check out the great service provided by

 Sam's Party Tents! 

 Rex Hardware   
University Plaza, 125 E Main St  Canton, NY 13617   
(315) 379-0256   
Agway, Radio Shack, clothing , boots , pets, hardware, and more!   

Children's & Youth Tent Goods, Services & Staffing
Bittersweet Farm
Brasher Falls Girl Scout Troop
Canton Central’s Girls Modified LAX Team
Canton Central’s One Voice  (Peer Health Leadership Initiative)
Canton Central School
Cheryl LaBarge and friends
Green Machine Hydro Seeding
Jackie Bartholomew
Little River Community School
Accessibility Implementation
Northern Regional Center for Independent Living
Shuttle Bus Service
St. Lawrence County Human Services Building
The Canton Price Chopper
Durable table settings for Zero Waste Food Vendors
SLU Campus Kitchens

Equipment for Benefit Indian Dinner
SUNY Potsdam Dining Services
Chairs & Tables
Unitarian Universalist Church, Canton
Clarkson University

Potsdam Business Donors for Raffle Gift Baskets
Argent's Jewelry & Coin Shop
Beyond Tattoo's
Empire Vision Center
Great Northern Printing
Main Street Barber Shop
McDuff's Tavern
Model Works
Northern Music & Video
(see breakdown of gift items below)

 2013  Festival Program Advertisers  
See This Page for advertising information

   Grasse River B Ranch

   aged raw goat and cow cheese
   Jesse & Krista Barton

Old Market Farm
Hardy Roses and More    
Vanessa Bittner    


   SunFeather Natural Soap

   handmade natural bodycare products
   from Sandy Maine & crew in Parishville, NY

New York Forest Owners Assn.   
Celebrating 50 Years of Service!   


Iroquois Organic Farm
CARI ~ Clements Agriculture Research Institute


Last, but by no means least:


Many thanks to the

Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm
for the use of their
beautiful facilities.


 Raffle Basket Donations 
(breakdown of items from businesses listed above)

Basket # 1 - Wine and Tattoo Certificate
- 2 Bottles of wine donated from McDuff's Tavern
- Tattoo Certificate donated from Beyond Tattoo's on Market near Main

Basket # 2 - Polaroid Sunglasses
- Sunglasses (retail value of $120) donated from Empire Vision Centers on Main Street, next to the Roxy Theater

Basket # 3 - Miscellaneous Gifts and Certificates
- 2 ea $25 Gift Certificates to Great Northern Printing 
- 2 free "haircuts" -Gift certificate from Main Street Barber Shop
- $25 gift certificate from Northern Music & Video
- 2 Light Up - "alien" shaped bicycle clips provided by Model Works
- Antique Pin donated from Argent's Jewelry & Coin Shop

Thank you to these fine establishments and to SUNY Potsdam student Ashley Scott for recruiting all of these wonderful donations to support the Festival!

Logo or Sponsor Level pending:


Major Donor Levels

Sponsorship Level
Support Amount

Kermit Green Sponsor
$10,000 and up
Evergreen Sponsor      
$5,000 to $9,999
Apple Green Sponsor$1,000 to $4,999
Forest Green Sponsor 
$500 to $999
    Spring Bud Green    
   $250 to $499
  Leaf Green Sponsor   
  $100 to $249

Please see our  Major Sponsorship  page for a complete listing
of the benefits and acknowledgements you or your organization will receive
as Major Donors supporting our work in the North Country.

Get On The Bus!

The opportunity for interesting conversations and "feeling the love" of our neighbors in this wonderful North Country community is one we might not normally associate with riding on a Shuttle Bus -
but there it is!
The positive feedback about being shuttled to and fro has been the most interesting piece of the Festival Evaluation puzzle, because many people complained about parking off at a distance as well. 
Sigh.  We'll go with the good stuff!

St. Lawrence NYSARC
NYSARC Shuttle Bus discharging
passengers at the Local Living Festival

And, in fact, we truly appreciate the great rates and absolutely wonderful customer service provided by NYSARC in renting the use of their buses!

Parking Acknowledgment

There was confusion this year about where the parking was.  Our previous parking lot was no longer available to us as it is under new management and being put to agricultural use. 

We were trying to nail down the use of the large shopping plaza parking lot nearest Rt. 11 but could not afford their rates (which was a shame for the business it would have brought the many fine establishments of that plaza!) 

We negotiated with the new plaza owners until the end, to no avail, and ended up with the mercifully free use of the St. Lawrence County Human Services Building (DMV, etc.) on Rt. 310, a quarter mile from Rt. 11. 

The Canton Price Chopper was also very generous in providing the use of the far side of their lot as overflow parking. 

Throughout, as a precaution, we advertised to look for the directional signs at Rt. 11 near the University Plaza -- in order to cover the eventualities.  This was not precise enough for many folks, and for this we apologize.  You can see our dilemma!


Please Join Us!

Email us for more information:


 Support the Festival! 

$5 per person admission, Free under 16
Free to those who arrive via alternative transportation (gasoline free)!
click here to purchase



Please Sign Up to Volunteer With Us, Here


View our Wonderful Sponsors



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Local Living Festival
~ A Celebration of Resourceful Living ~
Features serious fun and delightful education for all, with dozens of speakers, skills-building workshops, performances, and demonstrations of simple living, rural, and "do-it-yourself" resources and skills.  This event combines two long-popular events -- the previous Energy Fair and the Cooperative Extension Harvest Festival, to take place near Canton, NY on April 27, 2013.

Come  learn  (and teach!)  how  to  live  lightly,  and  economically,  too!

   The day will feature
home-grown energy systems, hourly children's and teen activities, farm animals, draft horse wagon rides, food vendors serving up locally-grown food, a satellite of the Potsdam Farmer's Market, Renewable Energy Fair, Community Supported Agriculture Fair, School Compost & Recycling Summit, Seed & Seedlings Swap, Woodsman's Skills Exhibition, and much more! 

The following weekend, May 4th, will feature a tour of local homes -- from completely off-grid homesteads to homes utilizing a utility inter-tie (selling power back to the grid, essentially.) 
Sign up at the Festival or write us to sign up once we post the schedule here!

    Exhibitors and demonstrators of everything from fiber arts to forestry products, renewable energy systems to hand-made personal care items, traditional crafts to how-to books, and more will be featured in an old-timey stall barn setting and also sprinkled about the grounds of the
Cooperative Extension Learning Farm,
2043 State Highway 68, 2.3 miles from Rt. 11, near Canton.

Featured Speakers include CSA pioneer Elizabeth Henderson, Greenhorns founder Severine von Tscharner Fleming and community energy activist and author Greg Pahl.

   This thirx iteration of the Local Living Festival is now a sesqiuennual event (held every 18 months.)  The Festival is the heir apparent to the 17-year strong North Country Sustainable Energy Fair but has a broader focus on not only renewable energy and green building but real food and local economies
-- and how you can make all of this real in YOUR life

Contact information: SustLivingProject@gmail.com, or 315.347.4223.

Zero-Waste Festival    

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$5 per person, per day admission, Free under 16
Free to those who arrive via alternative transportation (gasoline free)!
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