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Strategic Plans

The Local Living Venture will be creating a new Homestead Learning Community (HLC) in the St. Lawrence River Valley (Canton/Potsdam area) to attract life-long learners from all over the world! 

The HLC is
geared to teach - and mentor beneficial North Country projects - related to:
  • small scale farming and food production
  • "green" building skills
  • small scale forestry and healthy hearth
  • renewable energy applications
  • simple living and "homesteading" skills
Through the HLC facilities we will attract new entrepreneurial "homesteaders" to the North Country, as well as help local people to stay in the North Country and thrive!

There is a tourism component to support the campus -- the “North Country Native Botanical Gardens” -- that we are so very excited to create!  This project will serve as a vehicle for our students to create and maintain, as well as demonstrate skills and knowledge to the public as part of a well-rounded education.

Our commitment to our Resourceful Living Skills workshop programming for the public remains strong and the farm site for the HLC will allow us to have weekend mini-Festivals every summer in the Garden demonstration pavilions!

We seek the donation of farm and forest land to make this dream a reality, in case you have any pertinent information!

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Feel free to be in touch at (315) 347 4223 or LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com


Please mail contributions to:   Local Living Venture, PO Box 736 Canton NY 13617

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