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Please Contribute

Thank you for contributing
to the Local Living Venture's continued success working within our community!

To send a check:
Local Living Venture, PO Box 736 Canton NY 13617
If you need a tax deduction, please indicate so, for you will need some special information.

Click here to use a bank card or bank account
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ook on the bottom left for the option titled:
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                                    Use your credit card or bank account (where available).

Please see our Donor Appreciation levels for major donors and sponsorship.

Message to our constituents, May 29, 2014

Worth * Every * Penny

We have never asked before, but we need to now.
  Your small or large contribution is very much appreciated - sending even $1 in an envelope to us is your vote of support!  We hope you can share more but we want to know you're out there, even if times are tough all around. 

Please share whatever amount you can, whether it’s $1, $10 or $100 or more!  We promise you, there are not many organizations that can make so little go so farYour donation helps to:
  • Continue building our year-round "resourceful living skills" workshops and events
  • Support the continuation of the Local Living Festival (planned for September 26, 2015!)
  • Allow us to create a strategic plan for the Homestead Learning Community and North Country Native Botanical Garden site, for teaching, learning, and demonstration projects -- see more about our future plans HERE! 
  • Be part of a growing circle of sharing, caring, community members!
This is an invitation for you to support what we do now, with our many workshops and events, and to create many more wonderful projects and adventures in the near future.

Your contribution to the Local Living Venture makes a huge difference.
What amounts do we need to raise?  What for?
Please click here for details.

Every gift helps.  Will you please join us?

Many thanks,
Melinda, Chelle & Rajiv
for the Local Living Venture team