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Current Needs

We thank you kindly for taking the time to accept our invitation to support what we do now, with our many workshops and events, and to create many more wonderful projects and adventures in the near future. 

September, 2014 Update
Below you will find our early Summer 2014 appeal for funds to help us through our slower summer months.  We raised over $4500 and covered the expenses needed immediately, but the gap between income and expenses remains. 

Our main income comes from workshop donations at this time.  One workshop is well attended, and helps cover for the workshops that are not as well attended, or that receive a smaller donation level.  But the workshop income only barely covers our "payroll" expenses for our Independent Contractors who work a total of 20 hours per week between them.

Our first three years expense for staffing were wonderfully underwritten by a kind local patron who donated $13,000 per year, but who has since passed away.  The past two years have been a challenge financially, but we have persevered!

Still, at this time, no matter how frugal we are (and as you see below, we truly are!) we are not able to cover our expenses through workshop income alone.  We need your help.  Direct contributions are essential to our survival as an organization going forward.  We are also putting forth fundraisers such as the October 18, 2014 Indian Dinner Benefit (that take a LOT of organizational energy) to help us along - so we're not just standing by with palms out-stretched.  We (and our wonderful volunteer workshop Presenters!) are working hard to perform a public service - sharing skills within our community!

Funds are needed for:

$500 per month
for our part-time paid Education & Outreach Facilitator, ensuring they are able to continue bring you our wonderful workshops in collaboration with many generous volunteer presenters.  (10 essential hours per week at $12 per hour)

$500 per month for our paid part-time Project Coordinator to assure our year round administration and the Local Living Festival continue relatively uninterrupted while our all-volunteer leadership
focuses on the HLC and organizational development. (10 valuable hours per week at $12 per hour)

What did we leave out above? Only the fact that between 60 to 110 hours per week are donated at this time by the all-volunteer coordinators of this venture (Chelle Lindahl, Melinda Ely and Rajiv Narula.) 

In 2013 our volunteer leadership committed nearly 2700 hours of volunteer labor to manage Local Living Venture projects, programs and administration, along with over 600 hours of paid labor by the two independent contractors referenced above. We recognize this level of volunteerism by our  leadership is not sustainable, and once we have our non-profit status this must turn around, but we don't do this to make a profit, per se, it's to share skills within the community that help people to live more simply, economically, and ecologically.

That said, our goal (in this regard) is to create a thriving enterprise that employs any number of people in well-paid and satisfying jobs that serve the community - not to run an enterprise that can't cover it's bills!  But we need the help of the community (such as our many volunteer presenters and our generous donors) to make it through to that point. Big business is often subsidized by public coffers when opening a new operation - this is perhaps the non-profit equivalent, as we are dependent on the community we serve to support us in our work! Many thanks...

$400 per month maximum for conferences, outreach booth fees, printing, dues and memberships that are important to us, room rental fees, storage locker fees, minimal mileage, office supplies, etc.  At a level of thriving financially, for our organization, this amount should be closer to $1,000 per month.

$2,000 or more total to achieve our own 501(c)(3) status as the Local Living Venture - in order to achieve grants and larger contributions to help smooth the path for our long term goals.

$$ ??  Amounts yet to be determined
for many future projects that we can discuss with you in more depth if you are interested!  Examples?

  • New programming, such as a week-long Youth Rural Skills Summit
  • The Local Living Festival, next scheduled for September 26, 2015.
  • Obtaining land with which to reach our long term goals.

In particular, we need to bridge these coming summer months until we get back to the times of year when we are more self-supporting with our workshops donation income.  That income does not fully support our work, however. 

Future plans include many more ways that this non-profit will indeed * at the least * cover expenses fully!  In the meantime, we have to ask the community we serve to "give back" a little to help us get to that point in time successfully. 

Your contributions are truly appreciated and will be put to very good use; extreme frugality being par for the course with the Local Living Venture!

                                                                            ~ * ~

Feel free to be in touch at (315) 347 4223 or LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com


Please mail contributions to:   Local Living Venture, PO Box 736 Canton NY 13617

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