The  Local Living Venture  (LLV) .
formerly  Sustainable Living Project  (SLP)


encouraging sharing and life-long learning for regional self-reliance,
energy independence,
environmentally friendly living,
and a regionally-oriented community

The Local Living Venture envisions
a vibrant community
and resilient regional economy in the
North Country of New York State
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Community Education
Rural Skills-Building

Dynamic Infrastructure Development

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we are now the
Local Living Venture!
Our non-profit incorporation papers are being filed and we will no longer under the wing of our friends at Seedcorn.  For our first three-plus years of organizational existence we were part of their great family, but as of January, 2014 we are now fledging!
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~~ recent projects by our wonderful volunteers! ~~
Local Thrifting Made Easy

Stellar volunteer Jackie Bartholomew has been hunting down all of the thrift and antique outlets in St. Lawrence County (and perhaps somewhat beyond) to make it easier for you to shop wisely - economically and ecologically - in this world of profligate consumption! 
Check back soon for "round one" listings for this great project.

(See the Thrift Map link on left hand toolbar.)
Write us with suggestions for additions at!

            Thanks to all who joined us and helped make another great event happen in our wonderful community!             
click this link for details on the most recent

Local Living Festival
which was celebrated on
April 27, 2013

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The next Local Living Festival is scheduled for

September 26, 2015

Mark your calendars!

 About the
  Local Living Venture 

The Local Living Venture believes that the North Country
has a deep
 tap-root of rural skills to draw upon in sharing ways to live simply and economically. 

We celebrate our beautiful natural environment, wonderful built environment of villages,
farms and homesteads, and the vibrant community life that resounds throughout.

We seek to be part of and catalyst for an emerging regional economy:
where neighbors share resources; more food is grown and consumed locally;
diversified farming is expanded; value-
added agriculture & forestry products
are created; and it is all part of a community-wide endeavor we are all vested in.

  • A Homestead Learning Community will teach the next generation of
    farmers, foresters, energy workers and homesteaders.
  • A value-added facility with business incubation will turn those folks
    into entrepreneurs and feed our community.
  • A community-based resource center with strong tourism components, showcasing our natural treasures for all; and sharing our vision with seekers of simpler ways to live.

Featuring the Local Living Festival, s
Resourceful Skills Workshops
& Green Homestead & Garden Tours   
PLUS the upcoming    

Homestead Learning Community
and North Country Native Botanical Gardens     
Through these programs, and more,   
LLV and YOU demonstrate practical   
low-cost creative solutions, that we can all use,   
promoting  personal and community sustainability   
-- in town and in the countryside.   

Sharing ways to live simply, economically, and ecologically in the North Country!


We celebrate local knowledge and the revival of old-time skills
blended with appropriate technologies for our times.

Sharing Knowledge from the Past ~ Building Skills for the Future   

   Volunteers always welcome!
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~~ another wonderful volunteer project ~~

Keepin' it clean, 5 cents at a time!
Friends of the Local Living Venture can now
donate their bottles and cans to our account at
CJ’s Kegs, Cases & More Potsdam, NY.

When recycling your returnable bottles and cans
please take them to CJ’s and ask that the redemption amount be donated to us!

Thank you in advance for your generous support,
from the 
Local Living Venture team.

            MARK YOUR CALENDARS!             
                            the next                                
Local Living Festival
                          is scheduled for                             

        April 25, 2015       

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 BIG PLANS:  Community Resource  Hub 

 BIG PLANS:  Homestead Learning Community 

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Local Living Festivals
 NOTE: The 4th Local Living Festival is scheduled for April 25, 2015 -- 
 generally held every 18 months, alternating Spring and Fall! 

Local Living Festival SPONSORS HERE


Local Living Venture
(formerly Sustainable Living Project)

PO Box 736, Canton, NY 13617

The Local Living Venture (LLV) is currently disengaging from it's status as a project of  Seedcorn.  We are grateful for four years of their mentoring and assistance as we figured out "what we want to be when we grow up!" 
It is now time for us to fledge the nest -- the LLV has applied for it's own incorporation and is applying for 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization status.  Your assistance is welcome as we progress on our mission to share practical knowledge with our community, envisioning a more capable community as a result of our efforts!

The First
Local Living Festival

photographer: Jacob Ried of the LLF Coordinating Group

Local Living Festival 9/25/2010

Member of the Potsdam Food Co-op

Member of the St. Lawrence Chamber of Commerce

Member of the American Farmland Trust

Member (and represented on their Board of Directors)
Small Scale Food Processors Association of New York

NOFA-NY -- Northeast Organic Farmer's Association - New York

Local Living Venture   P.O. Box 736, Canton, NY 13617  *