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Many Hands      
Make Light Work...

Below are the year-round opportunities to assist the  LLV with it's goals
NOTE:  These are not in order of  importance, but positions we really need to cover are starred **.  

Local Living Venture


**  Assistant for the year-round Workshops and/or events
                          (could be on a seasonal or topic-driven basis as well!)
**  Creative public event creation  --  fun and/or educational and/or healthy events!
**  Find & recruit interesting presenters, speakers, skills demonstrators
**  Videographer / Editor for online tutorials
     Music hound - sniffing out musical venues, acts, etc. for partnering opp's & for the Festival

   Create or be a member of a crew for monthly poster hanging & brochure distribution to local (and/or further flung) venues
** Social Media Coordinator (Facebook, etc.)
   Help write Press Releases or follow-up with media outlets (in-house and public)
   Inter-Agency Collaboration --
liaisons to CoOp, Chamber, TAUNY, CMP, GardenShare, etc.)
   Staff an outreach booth at weekly Farmer's Markets in Canton and/or Potsdam
**Help staff our booth at community tabling events (Festivals, etc.)
   Follow up on lists generated at outreach events (mostly data entry, some mailing)
Volunteers and/or Membership recruitment brainstorming/follow-through 

The Local Venture Center

**  Assist in research and development of a business plan to combine
         a cultural center with a sustainable business enterprise

     Feasibility study / community needs assessment / strategic planning
     Fundraising and promotion of this concept.

**  Assist in creation of a beautiful campus
setting - including finding the land, of course!
    Recruitment of retired college administrators and professors
    Liaison to the one or more area colleges and/or the Associated Colleges
    Any of dozens of roles in the creation of the North Country Native Botanical Gardens

    Dedicated "Thank You" responder - an exceedingly grateful person to acknowledge small donors
    News hound (sniffing out items of interest and scrap-booking our media coverage)
    Events hound (sniffing out events of interest - networking & outreach related)
** Mailing List Manager -- keep updates smooth-flowing, manage mass-mailings 1-4x per month
** Web management  (largely troubleshooting issues only)
    Create Advanced Website Features – slide shows, etc.
    Manage PayPal account features
** Grant Writer (no experience needed, will train)
** Create and/or administer fundraising opportunities


** Coordinate Green Home & Gardens Tour activities (Initial survey and/or monthly tours)

   Create resource email templates for people seeking renewable energy and other info
   Solicit prizes and donations from local businesses
   Recruit organizations and businesses for LL Day Partnerships/Scholarship sponsorships
   Create online Sharing Boards
   Benefit event coordinators & helpers
   Dedicated videographer
for workshops, summer events and Festival
photographer for summer events and Festival
** Fun seasonal events finder/creator and/or Coordinator
** "One Sustainable Thing" Coordinator

M O R E   B E L O W   -   F E S T I V A L   R E L A T E D !

  If you don't see it here -- what are YOU interested in?!
  And, who else do you know with useful skills?

Please also see our  INTERN  PROJECT  DESCRIPTIONS    

Please email us if you can help!  We need you.

  Local Living Festival  9/26 2015  
The following are specific tasks that need a helper or coordinator!

Do you know someone who'd love to do one of these things for the Festival??

Needed—curate an Upcycling/Sustainable Art Show?  Securing musical acts?  Other creative ideas?
Summer 2015:  Coordinate with Cinema 10 to air a topical film in conjunction with their organization, possibly also setting up a panel discussion with the film folks on the Mon before Festival.  Maybe a related mixer/cocktail party beforehand!  Needs a Coordinator!

We need someone to create a Festival poster to be hung starting August 30 and update it for a second go-round around September 13. 
Need to reserve Canton Theater marquee and hang a banner in the town Park. 
150+ road signs will need volunteers to put them out AND collect them back, starting April 6 weekend
Need to secure a media advertising - radio, television, print. 

Hang posters August 30-ish and /or again on September 13-ish.

Home Tours
-- Coordinator Needed.

Teen Activities -- need more!  Want to provide parents with teenagers a place to occupy their progeny with interesting, topical projects!  Also, High School Environmental Clubs are a potential resource for teen (peer-to-peer!) programming and needs someone to approach them to participate in this way.

YEEE -- Spring 2015 -- Coordinate in advance with the Youth Energy & Environment Expo) to inform participating classes of the opportunity to follow up with their displays at our Festival.
Coordinate displaying them at the Festival, and contact the teachers who donated them in order to spur participation by the students
in showing them to the public.

Bus Company Liaison -- need someone to ensure that the bus company has the information they need and vice-versa, coordinate the shuttle run to the parking area(s), and make sure we conform to our compliance with the acknowledgement needs of the sponsor bus company.

Workshops -- various tasks; before, during, after the Festival.
Posting the workshop title, description and presenter bio on the website.
Follow-up needed for dozens of Workshop presenters - scanning and posting handouts and powerpoint presentations on our website, for instance.

Workshop Attendant Coordinator -- assure deployment of volunteers to ensure that each Workshop space has certain items and people in place (checklists provided) during the Festival.

Construction Projects -- small construction projects, block access to no-go zones, wheelchair access, block out parking areas, etc.  Need a small crew.

Grounds & Physical Plant -- mostly clean up and decorating. Need volunteers to do some grunt work and also a liaison to venue staff on site.

Zero Waste Festival --This is a great challenge and some help with specific tasks would be great.

Health Department Liaison -- needed to do the delicate Zero Waste/Public Health dance.

Hospitality Coordination/Solicitation -- donations of food needed.  Solicit those and/or set up/staff the Hospitality room at the Festival.

Farmer’s Market Coordinator -- find and coordinate local vendors in the Marketplace.

Food Vendors Coordinator -- Coordinate their participation and facilitate their compliance with Zero Waste considerations.

Photography/Videography -- needs coordination and execution! Also, the WCKN Clarkson TV student crew may be willing to tape some portions of the Festival.  In 2011 they did an entire week of broadcasting around the Local Living Festival!!

Merch -- we want to sell water bottles/mugs with our logo!  Maybe a Swiss Army Knife?  We have tee's and canvas bags already.  What ideas do you have?

Wish List -- update, adjust and post on website and Freecycle.

Road Sign Distribution -- needs a leader to track who has them, where they're going, and getting them all back too!  (They cost us $3.75 each - $3.95 for the 2-sided ones!)

Poster Hanging -- needs a leader for 2 rounds of hanging -- 2 weeks and 4 weeks prior.  Have sign-ups in place - get more to cover areas not yet done and provide them with posters as needed.

Outreach -- need to contact Church Bulletin folks and every local agency and organization possible to ask them to put something in their newsletters, post a flyer, etc.  Same for civic organizations.
We also would like politician participation in our event and could use help there as well.
Could also put together a presentation that we, or you, could give at various events to be determined.

Locavore Meal -- coordination needed.  Saturday or Sunday night or daytime on Sunday.  A picnic,  benefit dinner, small celebration of just organizers and speakers; could be whatever you'd like it to be!

Locavore Challenge -- coordinator needed.  See

Saturday evening 4/27 -- celebratory meal or other event needs coordination

Major Donor Fulfillment -- assure their needs for free passes, banners hung, ads placed, invites made, reporting done (by Melinda/Chelle), thanks you's, etc.

Major Speakers -- Research and contact!

CSA Information Display -- coordinator needed to contact every local CSA (we have a list) and update their participation in a major display area containing all CSA options in the area for interested people to choose from.

Local College Sustainability Forum -- coordination needed.  Seven or more local colleges: we gather their sustainability staff people and relevant student clubs to share what they do now, would like to do, and potentially share resources.

Food Preservation Boot Camp (post-Fest) -- coordination needed.  A series of workshops on various methods of food preservation to take place over the upcoming harvest season.

Emcee/Honorary Announcer -- need someone to coordinate the honorary guest announcers for the featured speakers.  In 2010, for instance, NCPR morning man Todd Moe really connected with Alex Lee when he interviewed him so we asked Todd give the introduction to Alex's talk - which they both loved!

Promo's/Hand-Outs Coordination -- for instance, the Yogurt manufacturers in North Lawrence, NY donate yogurt.  Find other safe, environmentally-friendly, topical items as "freebies".

If any of the above appeals to you as something you could do -- or a friend might be interested in - please be in touch.









**    Speakers Recruitment / Coordination -- committee members also sought

**    Workshops Recruitment / Management -- committee members also sought

**    Exhibitors -- committee members sought
           recruit Craft, Demo, Tech, Equipt,  Community Groups, Non-Profits, Critters 

**    Renewable Energy & Green Building Coordinator -- oversees our outreach to vendors and speakers

**    Media Sponsorship -- pursuing  local media sponsors for the Festival. 
        Assess/ prioritize/ follow through
on our list on potential media outlets.

**    Home Tours Coordinator -- occurs thee week after the Festival

       Festival Evaluation Coordination -- distribute, tabulate and report on Evaluations gathered

**    Zero Waste Event Coordination-- research, fulfillment

       Sustainable Art Show Coordination

       Promo's/Hand-Outs Coordination (had yogurt one year)

**    Merchandise Coordination

**    Hospitality (mainly food) Coordination/Solicitation

       Farmer’s Market management

       Food Vendors Coordinator (& Zero Waste facilitator)

      Health Department Liaison -- hand-wash stations, etc.  Ensure that they are informed and we are compliant.

      Hands on/Active:

**    Green Team for on-site recycling/trash/compostables

**    Coordinate lawn sign deployment / retrieval

         Welcome Booth -- SLP / OST / Workshop Sign Ups / Tours / GBOH / Seedcorn /
                                      Sales / Information Directory / First Aid / Storage

         Nametags -- purchase, create, deploy

         Signage -- laminate & posting/removal

         Create displays -- to round out theme categories at Festival, e.g., Gardening/Farming,
                                                 Cooking/Food Preservation, Green Building, etc.


      Tents & Porta-potties (pre-ordered, Jan 2011) 

      Construction Crew for various Projects  

      Barn, Greenhouse, classroom and grounds clean-up crew (sweep. wash, wipe, maybe paint, tote stuff around, etc. in the week prior)

      Tables/ Chairs - procure and placement

       A/V procurement & Techs

   ** Parking "Nazi"  (really -- it's a tough job, folks!)

       Physical Plant Surveys & Liaison to Charlie from the CCE Farm (supply vs demand --
                                                                       chairs, tables, A/V, parking gear, etc.) 

       Decorate the Farm in an Autumn theme. 


**  Sponsorship Solicitation

      Home Tours Coordinator

      Raffle Coordination

      Prize and Award Solicitation

**   Craft Vendor & Treasure Hunt Trail Coordination

      Emcee / Introducers -- soliciting appropriate people to handle major speakers

**   Host Liaisons -- for out of town speakers (pick up speaker, arrange housing, meals, whatever)

      Advertising (NCTW, WDT, posters, 3-fold flyer)

**   Festival Program & Advert's -- assist Coordinator with compilation and/or advertising recruitment

      Saturday Night Meal -- preferably a benefit, a celebratory meal at a restaurant otherwise.

      Children’s Activities -- Coordination of actual activities largely covered, though ideas are always sought!

      Attractions Coordination -- Dairy Princess, Wagon Rides, animals, other "side shows"

      Produce video teasers for Festival

      County Bus Liaison

      Coordinate Sharing Boards & Theme Areas

      Coordinate display creation -- (with student interns?) e.g., recycling batteries,
                                        low-flow fixtures, dorm room ecology, etc.

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