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Homestead Learning Community

 A Hands-On Farming & Homesteading Experience 

 This page is under construction as our vision develops. 
 Please check back for more content over time. 

Many young farmers and builders seek the knowledge
Hay Shocks
to go out on the land and need a space and place to learn vital skills to celebrate the beauty and bounty of rural life as well as avoid expensive and time-consuming pitfalls that can wipe out a small family farm or business.  We strive to share the wisdom of farmers and builders with the maxim "whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well". 
   Hay Shocks near Huevelton, NY    

The Local Living Venture & Sustainable Living Project is creating a Homestead Learning Community (HLC) in the St. Lawrence River Valley.  We view the HLC as the fruition of all of our efforts.  This facility may host some of the services that our original vision of The Hub would have housed, as the concept grows organically in the region. 

At the countryside campus, we envision a holistic approach to education, with a view to our place in the world as a web, interconnected.  This will translate into the very campus itself, with the builders providing housing for the farmers who grow everyone's food using renewable energy technology and so on.  The North Country Native Botanical Gardens will also be a major feature of the campus.

A close connection with the other area campuses, and opportunities for advanced degrees in conjunction with those other Universities and colleges (since we will not offer English or Civics courses, for instance), may be part of the big picture we envision.  Additionally, where Programs already exist (such as the excellent building program at SUNY Canton) we will seek partnerships rather than competition to ensure the wealth of education is shared with all who seek it. 

Our plans for the Homestead Learning Community include creating a business plan in 2013-14 once we have achieved our goal of filing for our own non-profit status (we are currently under the wing of Seedcorn.)  We seek retired college administrators and professors to help us make this dream a reality...and folks with a keen interest in changing the way our society values food and farmers, shelter and builders, and the renewable energy (industrial, home-made, or human power!) that makes it all happen with ease.

Core curriculum:

Sustainable Agriculture
Many young farmers have no option to run a family farm on a small, non-industrial scale if they are also to receive a higher education, due to the high costs of an education.  We strive to put action into education and assure that those who want to participate in a local economy have both the skills and the means to do so.

   Renewable Energy

     Integral to all things is energy. 
     On-site production and wise use 

       of what is created are essential.

Creating a place for the builders of tomorrow to be energy visionaries.

Green Building
Builders create the spaces and places within which we dwell.  How fine it is when they are inspired to do it well.  Let this place be a fertile ground for creators and builders!

Forestry & Healthy Hearth

One of our largest resources in NNY is the biomass of TREES!  Best practices for procurement and safe, environmentally-friendly methods of using firewood are featured in Local Living Venture programs, including the Rocket Mass Heater Demonstration Project
Forestry projects and products will be a mainstay of the HLC, as our builders work with local wood -- to create the buildings the other students will utilize in their quest for resourceful living skills!

Rural Skills & Traditions
It's what we started with in 2010 with for the first Local Living Festival, and it is still near and dear to our hearts.  Sharing resourceful ways to live simply, economically, and closer to the natural rhythms that make the world go 'round!

If you can help us move forward through your expertise in some facet of this wonderful venture, or just as an interested volunteer, please
be in touch!

~ ~ ~

Formal planning began in July of 2012, now continuing "post-Festival" in 2013.  Working Groups are meeting regularly, with start-up leadership in place.  Write us at LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com to join us, or for information. 

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