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Draft RSVP Confirmation

 UPDATED 12/19/2014 

First things first, right now go ahead and Select ALL and then:
__ WORKSHOP BRIEF NAME __ RSVP Confirmation email DRAFT you will use for all RSVP's in the future.

Once you have the RSVP Draft, you will be able to Select All in that Draft, then copy and paste the whole thing in - preferably as a Reply to the person writing us so their message appears at the end of the email we send back to them.

RARELY will you send the RSVP text below in a New Message, it should always go as a Reply to the message they sent us (unless the request came in by phone, of course.)  Make sure when you reply to the person that you
  • drop the text below in ABOVE our Default Signature info and
  • remove the three dots that hide the default address when they open it.
  • IMMEDIATELY open the Edit Subject line and "drag" the new Subject line info up to that space and fill it out properly FIRST THING.
  • Make sure there is only one space between the paragraphs you edited for the individual attendee, not two or three
Items in PINK are things that are potentially changed for each workshop RSVP being created

Items in RED are changed when sending each individual reservation, as appropriate to that particular person, so they stay in for the Draft RSVP Confirmation - when you actually send to someone, you will delete parts that are NOT applicable to that person and leave in only the parts that are relevant - changing the text back to black instead of red of course.

Items in BLUE are notes on how to decide what to add or how to do things and should also be completely deleted in the final Draft of any new RSVP.

Always be sure to include the very first line (with the abbreviated and capitalized workshop name, their name, phone, and BCC noted) -- it is your reminder to BCC it to us for our records and keeps the Subject Lines all standardized for an ease of review that you'll appreciate when needed! :-)  
These are usually in all caps for the first part: COMPOST or FERMENT or WHATEVER :-)  
Sometimes it can be different if we had TWO cooking workshops going on and so we wanted to be able to distinguish them in the EC file label by doing one as COOK and the other as IndianCOOK.  The important thing is to keep them standard across the board.

All emails going out to people BEFORE we have the RSVP Conf done should use the Subject Line format of  *WORKSHOP Name () Ph BCC(Attachment?) - with the star in front of the Workshop Name so we know to go in later and re-send to them with the full confirmation RSVP info.

DELETE ALL of the LINES ABOVE ONCE COPIED INTO THE COMPOSE WINDOW for your DRAFT RSVP Confirmation (that you'll use to copy from later when replying to individual people) 

Also DELETE our Default Signature at the bottom of the page.  This makes it possible to quickly just open the RSVP Conf Draft, Select All & copy it cleanly to drop into your reply email to the potential attendee.

Last, be sure that once you have completed all of the changes to your Draft of the RSVP Confirmation for a new workshop, that you copy it into an email you send yourself, just in case it gets deleted by accident, with all your work going poof!  This also applies if you have to leave it when it's only partway edited - send the whole thing to yourself so you have that much to start with in event of tragedy. :-)

WORKSHOP Name () Ph BCC (Attachment?)

Dear _ *---* _,

The Local Living Venture thanks you for your interest in the Oasis Food Forest Tour & Make+Take Oyster Mushroom Bag Inoculation with Matt Bowman of Oasis HYPERLINK THEIR BUSINESS HERE Permaculture on Saturday, September 13, 3 - 5 pm.    (including meal and social time, post seminar.)

We look forward to a fun and informative session with Paula Youmell and Chelle Lindahl, making wholesome beans and grains that not only taste good but are good for you!  This is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the mysterious and healthful legume plus information on various grains (including ones easier on the gluten intolerant!) as well as ideas for inspired seasonal eating.  << Please "Share" the FB Event page for this great workshop! >>  HYPERLINK PAGE HERE (and at bottom of this email)
We appreciate your vote of support on our FaceBook Event page   (and please Share!) but realize you perhaps did not intend to actually attend. (??) 
(LINK THE EVENT PAGE HERE where shown above - but not a link to our regular FB page)

If you do want to join us, please REPLY WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER(S) so we can hold your space (there will likely be a wait list), and don't forget to mark your calendar!   

*  There is an attendance limit on this workshop, so please let us know if you have to cancelso another person on the wait list can take your place.  Likewise, let us know if you'd like to bring a friend!  Space is limited, so please let us know.
Please note that there is plenty of room at this meeting space if you would like to bring a friend!
* with the number of people in your party (only one person is listed unless you've said otherwise).  USE THIS ONLY WHEN REALLY NOT SURE & WHEN NECESSARY (due to limited attendance)
* with the phone number(s) where we can reach you that day in the unlikely event of postponement.  

The upcoming sessions are:  (ONLY USE TO SHOW MORE IN A SERIES, NOT IF THERE'S JUST THE ONE they're signing up for)
BETTER YET especially if there's a long list may be to say
The upcoming sessions are posted at THIS SITE (hyperlink to the workshop page)
  • Thursday July 17, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
    ody Awareness in Stress Management"  
  • Thursday July 24, 6:30 to 8:00 pm. 
    Developing a Philosophy of Stress Free Living" 

 This seminar will include both preparing and eating a delicious meal, so be sure to bring your appetite / notebook and pen / something else !  Please see the FAQ's below.  If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

You may wish to peruse the many "Nutritious Delicious" resources we(the seminar sponsors and LLV Community Health Interns from SUNY Potsdamhave assembled for your use, FIND THE RIGHT RESOURCES AND LINK at www.sustainablelivingproject.net/workshops-groups/nutritious-delicious-cooking-class.  We hope you will want to bookmark and refer to them many times! 

Jackie Bartholomew
Education & Outreach Facilitator
Local Living Venture

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  

Nutritious Delicious(and Cheap!) Cooking Seminar
How To Cook Beans & Grains 

Thursday, March 27, 5-7 pm
Please arrive 15 minutes early for registration.

Presented in partnership between the Potsdam Food Co-opHands On Health and the Local Living Venture.  

Please arrive 15 minutes early, at 2:45, to sign in and get situated.

As appropriate here, add bio bits - should be a very brief version though.

Knapp Station Community Church
3035 County Route 47, Norwood, NY 13667

Warning on GPS: Verify with a paper map!  If you plan to use mobile mapping devices, please allow extra time for the rural snafu's they encounter, such as not distinguishing between a town and a village of the same name.  Best to print out or use a real County Map and note these instructions.
The Knapp Station Community Church is located on County Route 47, Norwood. Coming from State Route 56, turn onto Dry Bridge Road / Norwood-Knapps Station Rd / County Route 48, travel 3.5 miles to a T.  At the T turn Right onto County Route 47. The Knapp Station Community Church will be a short distance on the Right. 
If traveling on US Route 11, turn onto County Route 47, and travel 4.4 miles to 3035 CR 47 Norwood and the Knapp Station Community Church, on your left, just before the Old Market Rd., also on the left. 
Proceed 6/10 of a mile to #190 and 
look for the orange "Workshop Site" lawn sign.

Please park entirely on one side of the street only, following suit with the cars already there, for the safety of workshop attendees and passing traffic.
There is a small lot on Lawrence Avenue (Rt. 11) but there is plenty of street parking on Elm St (Rt. 11B) and there are entrances on both sides for your use.  We will post directional orange lawn signs that say "Workshop Site."

There are some blue-labeled parking spots in the Civic Center lot. There is a small elevator (near the staircase) to the second floor. If it is locked, ask at the Police Station window (to the left as you enter the building.)

drinking water, gloves, hat, sunscreen, bug dope, wear appropriate clothing for the weather, snack/lunch/etc., sturdy footwear or similar wording, will they be bringing home anything, need trunk space, etc?, notepad and pen, curiosity and questions.
For those who would have difficulty standing for long periods of time, it is suggested that you bring a stool or travel chair if you have one.  We will have a limited number available, but if it is important for your health, you may wish to ensure your comfort by bringing one.  Stools work best in the workshop environment, so you can see and participate, with a small "footprint" for a crowded classroom/kitchen.

This is a "hands-on" event so bring your aprons if you got 'em!  :-)  Hair should be tied back or contained.  If you have a favorite knife and cutting board, please bring those too!  
aprons, knives, hair contained
to-go container needed (specify type)
tools (rakes, spades, hoes, whatever)
liner for trunk of car for transport of moist seedlings
container to bring your cheese home in
appropriate dress: boots, rain gear, hiking apparel, etc.
By the way, don't eat before you arrive, we'll be preparing delicious food as a group!
Please be sure to bring a snack if you will be hungry during this time.  Raw cabbage isn't much to snack on!

RAIN DATE    (this only applies for outdoor events)
In the event of weather that interferes with the workshop the "rain date" is set for ____.  We will contact you at the number we show for you in the Subject line of this email - at least one hour prior to the start of the workshop if we are canceling for the day.  
Generally, a little light rain or snow will not deter us!  It's the North Country after all!

  •  For this unique learning experience, a $22 general public, $40 couples, $10 student donation is requested for material costs, to cover overhead expenses and to benefit Local Living Venture non-profit workshop creation.
  • Donations can be made by cash or check to "Local Living Venture" and will be collected on site during registration.  Reduced Rate / Scholarships are available upon request.   
    OR  Partial
     Scholarships are available by 
    advance request - OR drop altogether? 

  • Please note that our generous Presenters are volunteers donating their time to support the Local Living Venture, and this is a major means of support for our community organization.

Chelle's cell number is 315.261.1926 in case you are delayed or need directions that day.   Prior to that afternoon, you may call 315.347.4223.  Email sent in the 24-36 hours prior to the event may not be read in time, FYI, so please both call and write if it's getting close to the event.

If you have any other questions please just ask.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

PHOTO CREDIT: Dulli Tengeler, Birdsfoot Farm
Kira and Dulli milk Carol the cow, and plan on making some yummy cheese!

Coordinated By

 Local Living Venture

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Either put in a link here to the dedicated page or use the www.sustainablelivingproject.net/workshops-groups page, but
in that case include the parenthesis you see above that says to scroll to that date. Please don't hyperlinklink the whole line, just the words you see there in ALL CAPS and BOLD

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