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The Local Venture Center

We envision an outlet in the St. Lawrence River Valley of NY that serves as a community hub for many local projects. 
The Local Venture Center, part of the upcoming Homestead Learning Community (HLC)
farm campus and the North Country Native Botanical Gardens (BG), will host many community-based projects. 

For instance, a commercial kitchen that can serve as a business incubator for small agricultural entrepreneurs, that would likely be available to the public for canning or other food preservation projects, by the hour or day, as well. 

We will start small and organically, growing as community needs become apparent.

 In keeping with our long-held plans, the Center will also host other wonderful projects, such as
  • a tool lending library
  • a local creamery
  • a homestead marketplace
  • North Country Native Botanical Gardens for tourism, teaching, learning, research and demonstrations in the theme-based pavilions scattered throughout
  • our continuing "resourceful living skills" workshops will prosper with our own teaching facilities in place - we envision indoor and outdoor facilities such as the
    wonderful kitchen classrooms at the NY Wine & Culinary Center in Canandaigua (pictured here), with a taste of Upper Canada Village as well (but without the "old-timey" factor - just the skills!)
  • a center for sharing the robust thought and action, teaching and learning, renewing and innovating for healthy forestry, renewable energy, "green" building resources, and food and farming -- that represent the core curriculum of the Homestead Learning Community (HLC), which anchors the project.  This is "Do It Yourself" (DIY) culture and life-long learning as refined by the community and institutional support of the Local Venture Center.
  • ...and more projects and ideas will come forth!  As you and others give input to the process!  We want to build a facility that is truly "ground-up" -- where it happens that when someone passing by notices a shingle has blown off a building, they come back with a ladder and tools to fix it, because we are all invested in this endeavor.
Retail space, a conference and retreat center, community-oriented office and display space (geared to both locals and tourists) are all possibilities that could be built to accommodate our work, as well as fellow North Country community groups...there is no limit to the potential for the Local Venture Center campus!

Our original plan for "The Hub" that we had planned as a centerpiece of efforts was to provide infrastructure to regional farms and agricultural enterprises in the St. Lawrence River Valley/Adirondack Foothills region, and our goals haven't changed -- though the exact delivery systems for this contribution to our community may have. 

A missing link for a local food system is that there are not enough farmers growing, or growing for wholesale markets, to make the idea of a stand-alone Hub in the St. Lawrence River Valley actually viable. 

One major goal of the Local Living Venture is to create the capacity for more locally grown food to be both grown and consumed in our region, for which facilities are needed, farmers are needed (we believe some of our residential HLC students will make this place their home, expanding the food base!), and -- most importantly -- people and passion are needed! 

he ideal is still in place, though it may now express itself differently than once planned (without the profit-making center of a Hub food storage and distribution system as part of the complex.)  We remind ourselves that change is a constant!

Join with us as we evolve, along with our goals and mission, to meet community needs in the St. Lawrence River Valley.  Please contact us at LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com to share your thoughts and skills!


Archival Information about our Agricultural Depot and Hub plans