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North Country Native Botanical Gardens

Wow! What a gorgeous botanical garden in Banff, Canada!

"With a little help from our friends," the Local Living Venture plans to design and build a beautiful garden of North Country native species - from herbaceous plants to flowering, edible, medicinal, "weeds", and forest landscapes...well, eventually we'll have all of that!  We will start small but have big plans overall!

The North Country Native Botanical Gardens (or BG for brevity) will be a feature of the Homestead Learning Community and partner program with the Local Venture Center.  The grounds will be created and maintained in large part by students participating in this educational endeavor, as well as volunteers from the community. 

The gardens will feature the traditional footpaths and interpretive signage to share the science and lore of our wonderful local plant life, but will also be sprinkled with "pavilions" offering educational stop-overs for visitors to learn more about living simply with the earth -- one will be dedicated to the "how-to's" of composting, another might feature an outdoor kitchen with various interesting facets and demonstrate canning and cooking techniques, yet another could have a working blacksmith's forge in action!  And so on, as it develops organically, based on the skills and interests of those involved...

These experiential pavilions will broaden the experience of visitors to the BG, and will provide teaching and demonstration opportunities to the students of the Homestead Learning Community -- what better way to truly learn your subject matter than to have to teach it.

Additionally, research into gardening, farming and forestry will be addressed on the property.  Peer to peer work with local farmers will be favored, helping the local community to grow and prosper through more and better production of local food -- for local folks!

Join us in making this endeavor a reality!  Landscape design and drawing skills particularly sought early in the process and local native plants and planters with strong backs will be needed as the process moves forward.  First, however, we need land.  Preferably on or near Route 11 or other major corridors (especially as part of the new Scenic Byways Trail route) in order to attract tourism to the area as well.

Contact the Local Living Venture to learn more about how to be involved! 

Thank You!