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 Local Venture Center 
 & Agricultural Depot  

Initially we called it "The Hub".  A resource depot in the Canton-Potsdam area for "slow money" style local economic development, information on renewable energy and green building, plus major agricultural resources.  Since the Hub concept has been assumed by another, larger organization with resources to make an agricultural depot happen, sooner rather than later, we have refined our vision to create the Local Venture Center that would have encompassed the Hub but was always intended to include so much more. 

It is also our hope that many other organizations may find a home here, or display their resources for public use in a space that welcomes tourist and locals alike. 

Originally intended to include aggregation, packing,
refrigeration and cold chain storage in town for various farmer enterprises, we've settled to make a start of it with a commercial kitchen that will be part of our Homestead Learning Community farm regardless (have to feed the students!) and let it grow organically, as community need arises. 

"value-added" production  facility may be included or added to the commercial kitchen, if it's not duplicating other facilities at the time.  This would eventually include capability for canning, drying, fermenting, vac-pac, flash-freeze, product design and packaging, and more. 

torage and distribution connections for products to distribute through the actual Hub would likely be handled by United Helpers'  Sparx Management's facility - if enough products came to market in the local food distribution system. 

There will be many opportunities with the Local Venture Center for business incubator projects of all stripes (farm, forestry, building, energy, etc.) and community food preservation projects will be encouraged at our site. 

These are some of the "back of the house" operations we foresee, with particular emphasis on partitioned space for various needs to be met by one expanding facility. 

Some of the "front of the house" (retail and tourism-friendly) facilities could include:

  • Natural offshoots might involve an indoors Farmer's* Market space -- as well as potential for a wholesale farmer's market for local institutions and grocery/convenience stores.  
  • A comprehensive "Buy Local" campaign** would be just one more bud on the branch of a regional food economy that works for all. 
  • Myriad projects, yet to be inspired, can co-exist in this facility.  Many revenue streams are envisioned to create the lowest cost space for all participants.
*NYS puts the apostrophe before the "s" in "Farmer's"; we are following suit.
** Independent retailers in communities with "Buy Local" campaigns reported an increase in holiday sales in 2010 that were three times stronger (up 3 percent) than those in cities without such campaigns (up 1 percent), according to a survey by the  Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

The "front of the house" public space would include relevant educational displays and rural skills events geared to tourists and locals alike (for instance, in a teaching kitchen facility such as seen here, to the left, at the NY Wine & Culinary Center in Canandaigua.)

Additionally, other natural functions would include retail space for the value-added products created in the facility, shared offices for a variety of community-building and small enterprise incubator businesses and
non-profit programs, possibly to include space for various classes, community dances, dining, and community celebrations. 

The wishes of the community will take the facility in many directions as yet unknown to us -- but many fabulous ideas abound:  a tool lending library is at the top of the list, as well as horticultural and botanical teaching gardens, renewable energy demonstration projects, a showcase of "green" building practices, and much more.  Your input is welcome!  Please be in touch at LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com.

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"The Local Venture Center".

The Local Venture Center will partner with another component of the plan for use of the Local Living Venture's land - land that is currently being sought!

 Homestead Learning Community 
 A Hands - On Farming & Homesteading Experience 

Read, Do,
Teach, and Learn





Whole System Thinking

Core Curriculum
  Rural Skills
Sustainable Agriculture  
(grow * eat * preserve)   
Green Building & Forestry     


Renewable Energy     

Resourceful Living / Homesteading Skills     
and a  Locavore Economy     

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The Homestead Learning Community is a partnership with the

North Country Native Botanical Gardens

PHOTO: Botanical garden in Banff, Canada

The North Country Native Botanical Gardens (NCNBG) will be a feature of the Homestead Learning Community.  The grounds will be created and maintained in large part by students participating in this educational endeavor, as well as volunteers from the community. 

Experiential pavilions will broaden the experience of visitors to the garden, and will provide teaching and demonstration opportunities to the students of the Homestead Learning Community -- what better way to truly learn your subject matter than to teach it.

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