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Many Thanks to our
Wonderful Volunteers!

Local  Living Festival


April 27, 2013

The Festival is run by dedicated volunteers.
Will you give us a couple of hours of your time?
You'll be joining a crew of amazing and dedicated people. 

There are 255  2-hour volunteer time slots
that need to be filled to make this Festival a success.
We appreciate your generosity with your time!

Perks for volunteering at least two hours include free Festival admission,
being part of the Festival Community, free refreshments, and
meeting the speakers and workshop presenters involved! 
Did we mention our undying thanks?
Plus volunteer discounts on our merchandise that supports the Festival!

Please note that volunteers are needed for
the days leading up to, during, and following the Festival
-- and also for our year-round programs. 
From a one-hour task that would be helpful to us,
to taking on a job as one of our co-coordinators --
you are welcome to join our team for the Festival
and many other projects we have in the works!

C O N T A C T   I N F O
Please email to volunteer
at LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com
DAY OF THE FESTIVAL:  315-261-1926


Below is a form detailing the different volunteer tasks;
please copy and paste into your email, fill it out and send it back to us.

Many thanks.
Chris Butchino
Volunteer Coordinator 


Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
*  please copy and paste into your email, fill it out, and return it to us  *
Send separate forms if more than one person volunteering please.

Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Cell Phone
(important - please bring with you when you volunteer!):                       
Do not schedule me more than ____ hours in total.
 I am available to work before / during / after the Festival (feel free to check more than one shift!) :

___ Thursday, April 25, clean up (barn and classrooms, etc.), 1-3 pm
___ Thursday, April 25, clean up (barn and classrooms, etc.), 3-5 pm
___ Thursday, April 25, set-up, 5-7 pm
___ Friday, April 26, set-up, 2-4 pm
___ Friday, April 26, set-up, 3-5 pm
___ Friday, April 26, set-up, 4-6 pm
___ Friday, April 26, set-up, 5-7 pm
___ Saturday, April 27, set-up, 7-9 am
___ Saturday, April 27, set-up, 8-10 am
___ Saturday, April 27, 9-11 am
___ Saturday, April 27, 11 am - 1 pm
___ Saturday, April 27, 1-3 pm
___ Saturday, April 27, 3-5 pm
___ Saturday, April 27, clean-up, 4-6 pm
___ Saturday, April 27, clean-up, 5-7 pm
___ Saturday, April 27, clean-up, 6-8 pm
NOTE: The second day (April 28) is a clean up day only.
___ Sunday, April 28, 11 am - 1 pm
___ Sunday, April 28, 1-3 pm
___ Sunday, April 28, 3-5 pm

Jobs I would do (please check all that apply)

___ staff the Sustainable Living Project Welcome Tent/greet people
___ solicit evaluations of the Festival
___ work in the Hospitality Area (where volunteers & exhibitors get food & drink)
___ be a general "gopher" (very important!)
___ assist exhibitors (watch their booth while they take a short break, etc.)
___ assist presenters (general orientation, distribute evaluation forms)
___ A/V troubleshooter (on call hourly)
___ staff parking lot (direct vehicles only; no payment collections this year!)
___ collect entry donations
___ promote Zero Waste opportunities
___ assist at Children's Tent (help teach various educational activities)
___ assist with set-up (allows you maximum free time during Festival)
___ assist with clean-up (allows you maximum free time during Festival)
___ anything/miscellaneous  

   I am also available to work on a project ___ before and/or ___after the Festival. 
please list what your interests are -- plus check out the "Get Involved" page for ideas of what we need.

    Please contact my friend who would also be a likely volunteer. 
                Name:                                                    Contact Info:

Please copy and paste the above into your email, fill it out and send it to us.
Sending us the form above as-is, with your check marks, rather than just writing to tell us the times you'd like to sign up for, is very helpful!

Many thanks.
Chris Butchino, Volunteer Coordinator, 315-261-1926


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