Campus Project Guide

Want to promote "greener" living on your campus?
Here's a simple way to do just that.

The Sustainable Living Week ~ “One Sustainable Thing”
campus event is an extension of the
Sustainable Living Project’s “One Sustainable Thing”

pledge campaign.

Treat the world well. It was not given to you by your

parents, it was lent to you by your children.

- Kenyan Proverb

The Sustainable Living Week is a simple campus-oriented event designed to raise awareness and spur students, faculty and staff to take ACTION—to do one sustainable thing each day for a week with a proscribed schedule that includes helpful tips, facts and recipes. The goal is to get people moving with their feet in the direction of conscientious living.

The tips for each day offer anyone who is new to the idea of sustainability easy ways to “live lighter”. It will also encouraging those already seasoned in the effort to take their “green living” a step further.

Attached are various documents, posters, and a how-to guide used during the first ever Sustainable Living Week ~ "One Sustainable Thing" campus event.
The resources consist of a mix of easy to more challenging ways to act more sustainably, along with compelling facts.

Read about the first-ever event in the Watertown (NY, USA) Daily Times:
 Sustainable Living Week Article, Watertown Daily Times
Watch this short YouTube video about the event.
Created by Rico Garcia:

Click on each day to view the materials used.
You can re-print the posters from the art provided or borrow them from the Sustainable Living Project for a small contribution (with a
refundable deposit for return).

* Main Event Information *
for use in promoting the event in advance

* Meatless Monday *

* Turn it off Tuesday *

* Water Bottle Wednesday *

* Trashless Thursday *

* Flush Less Friday *

Interested in important plastic recycling facts? take a closer look at the detrimental effects of plastic and why the simple act of recycling can make all the difference with Our Plastic Nightmare, a graphic provided by Online Education
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